Purina for pets

Since September 2021, the Brno store of has been decorated with a unique shop-in-shop, which will be appreciated mainly by pet owners. We optically divided the display for the Purina pet food brand into two thematic sections. In the first part, which is dominated by the silhouette of a dog and a wooden kennel, you will find food and delicacies for dogs. You can safely recognize the second part with cat products thanks to a real scratching post, which works not only as a decoration but also as a sales area.

How does Fernet Stock smell?

We have made a shop-in-shop for the leading manufacturer of spirits – Stock – to promote the popular herbal liqueur Fernet Stock. The whole display is dominated by an unmissable model of a bottle, which attracts attention from a distance. Its stylish supplement is a jute bag with three types of dried herbs, which are used in the production of the liqueur. The penetrating scent of herbs thus makes shopping more pleasant for customers but also draws attention to the natural ingredients of Fernet Stock.

Pampers children’s playroom 

The two-storied Rossmann drugstore in Prague Anděl can show off an original children’s playroom created by Dago. The children’s playroom was established in cooperation with the Pampers brand, which is one of the major constants on the Czech market. The combination of these brands has created an attractive environment for children to enjoy a lot of fun while their parents can do shopping. You can see what such a children’s paradise looks like in our video.

Two-pallet display for Republica

For POPAI Central Europe, our colleagues presented a two-pallet display, which we prepared for two novelties extending the Božkov Republica family, namely the rum elixir Božkov Republica Espresso and sugar cane vodka. Everything is being completed and enlivened by real elements such as lights or a sugar cane. This display became the winner in the category Alcoholic beverages, tobacco – POPAI AWARDS 2020. See how the whole display came about.

New Oral B toothbrush

The new Oral B toothbrush of the iO series deserves not only development by the world’s leader of dental hygiene Procter & Gamble but also deserves great attention in the production of POS materials associated with it. Watch a short video of this display, which is dominated by a large model of this modern dental hygiene device and which we made completely in Dago from production to its installation.

Becherovka from Karlovy Vary

Becherovka from Karlovy Vary has decided to show people from all over the world the best it has in its portfolio. For this purpose, it uses our shop-in-shop located in a busy place at Prague Airport. Passers-by can even smell some of the herbs from which the well-known alcoholic liqueur is made.

Captain Morgan’s Boat

By this seafaring-styled display, we supported the brand building of Captain Morgan directly in the store. Captain’s ship brings complete brand’s portfolio to customers. Visually, it draws one’s attention by peculiarly worked wood, pulsing red lighting and Captain’s figure, which dominates the display. The rack’s size and its attractive design can be well used in the time when retail chains don’t give much space for building of brand awareness.

Budweiser And Kofola: Changeover Of The Non-Alcoholic And Beer Sections In A Terno Outlet in České Budějovice

Budweiser and Kofola joined forces in a project to revitalize the beer and non-alcoholic drinks section in Terno outlet in České Budějovice. The aim of the project was to improve the shopping floor environment and put more focus on the shoppers. Preceding the construction, a one-year long marketing research took place, to ascertain the details about shopper behaviour and their preference in regards to the visual look of the environment. The result was to use a design-neutral wooden panelling on the existing shelves, making of premium aisle endcaps, or revitalization of the higher shelves, using backlit visual elements.

HP Omen Teases Customers By An Adrenaline-Filled Experience

A line of gaming products, made by Hewlett Packard, called OMEN, seduces passionate gamers into the gaming area within Alza’s Prague and Bratislava showrooms. Dashing design utilizes geometric shapes and red illumination. The combination of red and black colour schemes, helps to round up the atmosphere of a challenge, which eggs the gamer to take a seat in the racing chair in front of the monitor.

Brand Outlet for Nestlé

By the complete rework of the outlet situated at Nestlé’s HQ, we tried to fulfil the client’s wish for a well-arranged, effective and aesthetically pleasing presentation of their entire product line. We also took care for the new outlet to look adequately representative, yet at the same time neutral, with the focus to unify the presentation of individual product categories, and to let the products themselves to take the spotlight. The combination of wood and fibre-glass, brightens up the interior, but also it makes the place feel homely and spotless. Attention was also paid to the navigation and orientation of the customers/visitors.

Our Milka Endcap Appeared On ČT24 TV Station

The purpose of In-Store communication is to make shoppers to happily return. This was personally tested by the Czech TV anchor-woman, who was invited to the Letňany shoppinh center by the managing partner of our company, Daniel Jesenský and by Miroslav Černý, Tesco marketing manager..

Captain Morgan’s Mobile Bar

Since autumn, the events throughout the Czech Republic, are sailed by a ship that we manufactured. The sloop’s main goal of raising the brand awareness, works astonishingly well, we are proud. You can meet it even now, in winter. Have a hot drink at your favorite skiing resort or by the shopping mall!

We Won At The Global Popai Awards!

At Globalshop, the world’s biggest retail expo in Las Vegas, we have just been declared winners of the 5th annual POPAI Global Awards competition. Together with our esteem client, the Mondelez corporation, we managed to secure a victory with our interactive Milka endcap, which took the award for Food, Grocery & Convenience – Permanent Display by storm. Incidentally, this is the very first Czech-made project that managed to win at the POPAi Global Awards. Previously, the very same display/exhibit won 3 awards in the Czech finals of POPAI CE Awards, which is why it gained the opportunity to compete in the highest round of the international competition. Also, the same week, the display was nominated by the referees to compete in the group of potential European winners of the POPAI Awards in Paris.


Tesco outlet in Letňany, is now a better looking outlet as a result of numerous P.O.P. Applications, some of which were created by DAGO. Notice for instance Milka’s and Tassimo’s aisle endcaps, Millicano’s shelf window display and Milka, Brumík, Zlaté and Millicano shelf decorations.

Aisle Endcap For M&M’s Candy, Created by DAGO

Aisle Endcap For M&M’s Candy, catches the attention of shoppers not only visually, but also by motion. That is because frequently, the sweets end up in the shopping baskets thanks to an impulse purchase by the individual shoppers.

Dago-Made Becherovka’s Shop In Shop At The Václav Havel Airport

Dago-Made Becherovka’s Shop In Shop At The Václav Havel Airport
Visitors in the DUTY-FREE areas, in the Aelia outlet, situated at the Václav Havel Airport, have the option to take away something that is uniquely Czech. And now, thanks to image-building promo shop-in-shops made by DAGO, these traditional items are Becherovka bottles, made in Karlovy Vary!

Samsung’s futuristic POP presentation

The new premium brand of refrigerators and washing machines, manufactured by Samsung, has now a small exposition in Sýkora’s Kitchen Studio showroom in Prague. This premium line of fridges and washing machines, has been introduced to the Czech market by Samsung Electronics at the end of last year.

JoJo Captures The Shoppers’ Attention In Tesco Stores By A Spell-Binding Loop

Starting from last week, JOJO sweets now promote the sale of their products in selected TESCO outlets by imagination inspiring aisle endcaps as their star attraction. These Endcaps have been designed and manufactured by DAGO. Quite surprisingly, the target audience are little ladies. Apart from the fluent colour transitions, the endcaps are also interesting by their elaboration.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto POP UP In Nový Smíchov Shopping Centre

Original Nescafé Dolce Gusto pop-up store, brings the shoppers an opportunity to hand-pick their own favourite collection of coffee capsules. Directly in the store, they can pick from 17 types of coffee and other Nescafé Dolce Gusto beverages, and taste or inspect the current portfolio of coffee makers, including the brand new devices with touch-screens. The installation of this unique store, all in itself, took our professional colleagues a single night.

Electric Oral-B Toothbrushes Are Proud To Show Off The Customers’ Reviews In Alza

Oral-B, the brand of dental-care products, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, prepared for the shopping public a brand new presentation of their electric toothbrushes, in the Alza showroom. The display siezes one’s attention by its premium build, which apart from the outlook and the material selection, also includes a simulation of the customer’s interaction with the showcased merchandise. DAGO, the manufacturer of the display, utilized a mechanic, where a touch on the merchandise, starts an augmented reality loop, through spotlighting the product and displaying the current rating of the product on Alza’s website.



Since 2004, we regularly participate in specialized competitions, such as the POPAI CE Awards, POPAI EURO Awards, Shop! Global Awards and many others. Every year we receive several awards in different categories.


Absolute winner, Best technical and material innovation Award and Category winner – alcoholic beverages, tobacco of POPAI Central Europe Awards 2018

Lego Duplo Display

Winner in the EURO POPAI Awards in Paris, 2018 - Golden award in the Edition & Leisure category.

Jägermeister Palette Display

Absolute winner; Creativity award; Award for best material and technical innovation; Winner of the category Alcohol & Tobacco at POPAI Central Europe Awards 2017; 2017 POPAI Day visitors award and finally the Silver Award at the 2018 POPAI Euro Awards in Paris, in the Beverage - Mass Market category.

Rajec Endcap Stand

Golden Award at 2017 EURO POPAI Awards in Paris, in Beverages category.

Cardboard Stand For Somersby Ciders

Winner of the sub-category Semi-Permanent Display in Alcoholic Beverages Category at the 2017 Global Shop! Awards in Las Vegas.

Captain Morgan's Ship - Mobile Bar

Absolute winner; Creativity award; Award for best material and technical innovation; Winner of the category Equipment For Sales Promotion Services at the 2015 POPAI Central Europe Awards; Bronze award at the 2016 EURO POPAI Awards in Paris in the Event category.

Carnilove Permanent Stand

Category winner: Household Goods, Household Accessories, Hobby at the 2015 POPAI Central Europe Awards; Golden award in the Food category at the 2016 EURO POPAI Awards in Paris.

Vitana's Farmer's Soups Endcap

Winner of the Food category at the 2016 POPAI Central Europe Awards.

Endcap Milka

Absolute winner; Award for best material and technical innovation; Creativity award; Winner of the Food category at the 2014 POPAI Central Europe Awards; Golden award at the 2015 EURO POPAI Awards in Paris in the Event category; Golden award in the Food, Grocery, & Convenience category at the 2016 Global POPAI Awards in Las Vegas.

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