We offer simple economical solutions, or complex and sophisticated elaborations of promotional and sale displays for short-time, medium, or as a permanent POP exhibit. We design the whole display case, assemble it, transport in and even mount it on the shop floor. Examples of POP media: Decorative aisle endcaps and gondolas, palette-mounted decorations, palette islands, animated and illuminated captions and displays, sale banners and other types of POP media


We can manufacture for You any type of floor stands – temporary or permanent, simple or premium quality. Several POP Media examples: Promotional or shopping stands, floor displays, product models, holders, A-frame banner stands and other items.


From a simple shelf bars and parasite displays, all the way to complex shelf communication systems. Several POP Media examples: Delineators, separators, dispensers, stoppers, shifters, tester holders, shelf bars, wobblers, shelf decorations, complex shelf systems, solution with moving, auditory or luminous effects and other items.


Product-promoting, image-building or presentational POP media for counters, to the check-out area or for display cases. Several POP Media examples: Displays, dispensers, custom coin minting machines, placards, shelves, stands for visual displays, placard stands, pedestals, ornamental bases, merchandise holders, complex counter and checkout systems and other options.


Individualised shopping units of various brands and product categories, made for outlets and branch offices. Several POP Media examples: Small shop in shop units or complex shop in shop systems.


We are able to design and manufacture attractive decorations and supplements, or a comprehensive outfitting of the entire shop interior. And that means all the way from refurbishment of the current premises, to the creation of new check-outs. From the preparations, securing of the necessary permits and technical blueprints, through actual construction and crafts, drafting a proposal for an interior outlay, all the way to the overall realisation and installation of all necessary elements and the final clean-up of the shop floor. To put it simply, we create tailor-made outlets, where the customers feel nice and the merchandise is sold in the most efficient manner. Examples of POP media: Complex interior and exterior outfitting of retail stores, labelling and decoration of outlets.


From small promotional applications, to complex communication outfitting of entire hotels, restaurants and coffee-shops and similar premises. POP Media examples: Stands for restaurant menus; placards; restaurant menu covers; coaster holders; napkin holders; ‘RESERVED’ table stands; shop window graphics; A-stands; restaurant menu boards; frames for banners; advertising neon signs; fascias; merchandise stands and displays; boxes for restaurant menus; sunshades; bicycle and ski stands; promotional furniture and other products.


We can draft for You even some extraordinary promo applications. Several POP Media examples: Static or mobile presentation or tasting equipment, trailers and kiosks for road shows, events and product demonstrations, POP-ups for outlets, special wrapper boxes and other items.

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