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We were there when the rum novelty Ron de Azur originated

For our long-term client STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, we prepared a set of POP media for the launch of a Panamanian rum called Ron de Azur. At first glance, it is clear that the design of POS materials provides customers with much more than just information about the product....


Since the last week, JOJO candies brand supports sales at selected TESCO stores with swirling fantasy end caps that we have designed and produced. Its target group is represented, a little surprisingly, by young women. Besides smooth transitions of colours the end cap is also interesting with its processing. Its surface is made of Lycra being an interesting way to create the impression of a bag-of-candies appearance.
Our client, Nestlé, asked us to create an attracting end cap that would accent the world thought the JOJO eyes and use interactivity. “The submission also included some limitations. First, we had to do without LCD display. The second limit was not to target children.” explains Martin Vorel from our company.

“For JOJO candies, we target young women. As we have voluntarily decided to restrict the marketing communication targeting children. In the case of sweets, we do not target children under 12-year age at all,” says Juraj Michajlov, the Trade Marketing Channel Manager of Nestlé. But this does not restrict playfulness of the JOJO marketing communication anyhow. Every woman hides a young girl with rich imagination, who sometimes gets to the surface and can dream up her own story together with the JOJO brand. “There was a great space for creativity, but of course we had to accept and respect the brand attributes,” adds Marek Zadražil, the Channel Development Specialist Nestlé.

When designing the end cap, we wanted to give an impression of looking into the “kettle” full of juice of different colours. We have achieved the effect using a tube and smooth colour transitions created by a uniquely programmed LED system. On the edges of the colour disc, there are placed story fragments achievable with JOJO candies. “When there is no contact with any customer, the end cap shines roughly at 60% intensity. Any movement nearby the end cap causes shining up to 100% intensity and also gradual switching on story parts, in which individual JOJO candies play their roles,” Martin Vorel describes the application. The material composition of the end cap is also interesting. Its body is covered with polyurethane foam coated by Lycra. “The end cap is unique with its processing and material design. From previous installations, we had clear records of considerable sales growth. So that we decided to realize the second generation – this application,” adds Marek Zadražil. The end cap is a part of the long-term strategy of the brand for points-of-sales. This brand, as a leader of the category, perceives a growing emphasis on being premium and emotional stimulation of the whole candies category. That is why we plan to deploy this end cap within a larger number of stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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