Personal data protection

Consent to the personal data processing by the company DAGO, s.r.o.

Purpose of the processing: sending newsletters

Use of automated processing of personal data:
Data retention period:
for the duration of consent

Use of manual processing of personal data:

Data retention period: the manually processed personal data are not being retained

Categories of personal data being processed: 
Personal data other than sensitive: name, surname, e-mail

Special categories of data (sensitive personal data): sensitive personal data is not being processed
Categories of recipients from the Czech Republic and EU states:
public administration authorities (based on a special law)

The intention to pass on personal data abroad outside the EU states:
Countries outside the EU or international organizations where personal data are to be passed on:
The controller does not intend to pass on any personal data abroad outside the EU countries

Information on the procedure used for automated decision making (profiling) as well as the significance and the expected consequences of such processing for the data subject:
The controller does not proceed personal data in this way and does not perform profiling

Legal basis for the personal data processing:

The data subject grated his / her consent to the personal data processing.

Controller: DAGO, s.r.o., Komenskeho 1020, 26751 Zdice, the Czech Republic, Id.No.:28977441
Representative of the controller: the controller did not appoint any representative

Processor: Creative ADison s.r.o., Lazarska 11/6, 120 00 Nove Mesto, Praha 2, the Czech Republic Id.No.:26811090, C 204428 registered by the Municipal court in Prague

Data protection officer:
the controller did not appoint any data protection officer

Instructions for a data subject of the legal basis for providing personal data and the consequences of non-disclosing personal data:
Provision of personal data is:
the requirement which must be specified in a contract

Consequences of refusing to provide personal data to the controller: if the data subject does not provide his / her consent, he / she will not be receiving newsletters

Instructing the data subject of his / her rights:
The controller instructs the data subject that he / she has a right to request from the controller the access to the personal data of the data subject, their correction or deletion or, where applicable, processing restrictions, and make objection to the personal data processing, as well the right to data transferability. The controller instructs the data subject that he / she has a right to withdraw his / her consent to process his / her personal data any time. The data subject has a right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority – Personal Data Protection Authority.

DAGO, s.r.o.
In Zdice 24th May 2018

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