This year’s POPAI Awards brought us many smiles! In spite of the top and balanced competition, we have turned nominations several times. Of course, we were most pleased to win 1st place in the Lighting Communication category, where we shone with a premium endcap for Radegast.

If client satisfaction and a good response on the sales floor is complemented by a podium finish in the prestigious and industry-wide POPAI Awards, then we are truly delighted! This year we have done well, across categories. We are delighted to have succeeded especially with projects for short-term campaigns, i.e. cardboard implementations, however we won for permanent POS, which was challenging in terms of the combination of materials and technological solutions. Come and take a look at the overview of the best projects we succeeded with.

Radegast with lighting effects

How did we dominate the category Light Communication, Orientation and Information Systems? The premium endcap for Radegast (Plzeňský Prazdroj a.s.) certainly impressed with its unique combination of visual and sound effects. To increase the effect of the light communication, we incorporated a unique top element, thanks to which customers can experience Radegast for themselves.

This is a lever that when pressed, the sound of thunder rings out and lightning flashes on the display. Equally striking is the massive 3D printed statue of the god Radegast. To fine-tune the overall atmosphere, the POS medium boasts real flowing water resembling a stream slowly finding its way between the stones. The visibility and communication towards the customer was supported by a light logo and a beer mug.

Original “Stará žitná myslivecká” and other medals for Radegast

In the Alcoholic Drinks, Tobacco category we took both 2nd and 3rd place! The imaginary silver was awarded to our shop-in-shop for Stará žitná myslivecká from the U Zeleného stromu distillery as part of the “Our World is Whisky” concept. We presented the types of this drink in shelves with round barrels, referring to the maturation of the spirit in oak barrels. To realise the display, we went the route of an elegantly clean presentation.

The project of Plzeňský Prazdroj a. s. Radegast voda přírodě in the form of a POS media set came third. The brand is projecting a theme it has been working on for a long time – sustainability and the fight for water. As you can see in the photo, we have included all of this in the entire production.

A trip to the Caribbean and Christmas Pilsen

In the category Other /prototypes, samples/ we succeeded significantly thanks to our very sophisticated POP solutions made of cardboard. Second place went to Ron de Azur rum from Stock Plzeň-Božkov s.r.o. We created a set of POS carriers, evoking a sea expedition, for the Panamanian rum with a clear visual combining the sea, a ship, a rudder and mythical underwater animals.

Bronze then jingled for Pilsner Urquell’s Christmas shop-in-shop. This particular beer is intrinsically linked to the Christmas holidays, which we materialized in the POS medium, where we focused on the experience. The whole concept is based on the design of the product Christmas multipack, which in traditional dark green represents real buildings from snowy Pilsen. This is where we set the festive realisation with the Jubilee (Brewery) Gate as the most dominant element. In addition, we developed a technology – the flowing air scatters snow in the form of polystyrene balls.


Within the award-winning soft drinks, the third place went to the shop-in-shop drink Jupik by the client Kofola a. s. with a very playful implementation. The shop-in-shop was enlivened not only with colourful fruit characters, a photo corner, but above all with a crawling tunnel that entertained the little ones and maybe even the bigger ones!

Awards also in the Health Care category

We also succeeded significantly in the Health Care category. Here, our Nutrilon 2-5 permanent stand in the form of a house with a cot came in second place. The display aims to create a safe and peaceful home for parents and their little ones. The third place belonged to a double-sided cardboard stand for the Sensodyne/Parodontax brand presentation. The shop in shop stood out in particular due to its atypical ladder-like display.Kromě toho byly při výrobě použity udržitelné materiály.

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