Complex administration and provision all necessary logistic operations within our POP projects.

Following the still growing market needs and the sophistication of individual projects, we provide complex logistic services to our POP projects, as a standard feature. Thanks to our internal logistics team and our crews of technicians operating all over Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are even able to flexibly manage very demanding logistic operations, that are a part of our clients’ projects.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive management and procurement of logistic operations within our POP projects
  • Delivery and implementation (installation) of the projects on the sales-floors
  • Storage, including the upkeep of complex inventory records, which our clients can access via an on-line app
  • Co-ordination of the whole project, in operative cooperation with all involved parties (ASM, etc.)
  • Collection, check-up, refurbishment and preservation of the POP projects in our own, or external warehouses
  • Reports, documentation and photo-documentation from the points of installation, via an advanced on-line app, complete with geo-tracking
  • High level of flexibility regarding time, speed and reliability
  • Trained, experienced and highly qualified teams, operating all over Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Handling of international logistic operations


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