Fanta drinks are betting on Halloween

Although Halloween is not a typical Czech holiday, it is still a great opportunity for marketers to establish contact with customers in a way they cannot otherwise afford. There are no limits to imagination, and smartly thought-out and amusing POSs can significantly...


The prestigious European competition POPAI Awards Paris knows its winners. The winning projects, selected by an expert jury, were announced on September 15th in Paris.

LG trendy shopping in Alza

Together with the LG Electronics brand, we created another interesting project. On the 42 square meters of the Prague Alza Showroom, we participated in the creation of the fully functional shop-in-shop presenting several types of products of black and white appliances together. And all this in a luxurious and fully interactive coat.
“The whole project is unconventional. We wanted to take advantage of the unique space available and also to present a wide range of our products at one point in such a way we can´t see anywhere else yet,” explained Roman Moudrý, GMT manager of the company LG Electronics CZ. And the spectrum is really extensive. Customers can look at home appliances and especially televisions with the most advanced OLED technology in a spacious exposition.

The project is the result of several months of co-operation and reflects the latest trends in requirements customers impose on stores. The quality and visually interesting design of the whole installation is a matter of course, but it is also necessary to address shoppers in a different way. In this case, their attention is attracted by a wide range of possibilities how to interact with the whole space. For example, they can see thoroughly all exposed products and try them as they are fully functional. For example OLED televisions are not just hanging on walls; customers can see their rear sides thanks to a special pull-out system. The project caught attention of the jury of POPAI Awards in Paris as well, who nominated it for the finals in the category of “Architecture of commercial interiors”.

The resulting concept of the shop-in-shop is a complex of many innovative elements and materials creating a luxurious design to bring attention to the whole unit and to emphasize design and image of exposed products. And it gets the attention as Roman Moudrý says: “customers respond very positively to the display, we notice a higher interest in the products thanks to it and especially increased sales,” he explains.

The display is designed to be continually upgraded and could stay on the spot for several years. There is a smaller realization prepared for customers also in Alza Showroom in Bratislava.

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