At the beginning of the unique project, the idea was to equip the Pekárna Martin bakeries with modules for the range of coffees that the J.J.Darboven company has in its portfolio. It then approached us with the first assignment, which started a relatively long, extensive, and laborious project that required the active cooperation of all parties involved.


Gradually, the project was finalized into the concept of presentation and sales modules, which the graphic designers brought to perfection using a luxurious combination of wood decor, which, in connection with the soft lighting flowing from the lamps, creates a warm impression and attracts the customer’s eye. The transparent hoppers, which make the coffee beans stand out, are also pleasing to the eye. The educational function is also not to be forgotten when their goal is not only to buy a cup of coffee but also to introduce the offered product range and its origin to customers. They have the option to choose from a package of bean, ground, or instant coffee, learn something about the coffee itself, they can use a hopper with fresh beans and buy as much as they need, or grind their coffee straight away according to their preferred coarseness.


These premium modules, weighing a respectable 650 kg, can be found in four branches of Pekárna Martin: in Česká Kamenice, Děčín, Nehvizdy and in Prague-Štěrboholy. In selected bakeries, there is also provided space for fans of high-quality teas and cocoa. “This project was challenging, but it was still really fun,” says Michaela Linhartová, the Marketing Manager at J.J.Darboven. “It was very inspiring to observe the creation of the project and we were also pleased with the success of our presentation at the European marketing conference of the J.J.Darboven company”. “This complex project was rewarded not only with praise from our partners at J.J.Darboven, but also from representatives of Pekárna Martin bakeries. Most of all, we were all pleased with the interest of the customers, who immediately after the installation stopped with admiration and looked at the offer. We believe that the modules will have a positive impact on sales,” concludes Lenka Lahaije, the DAGO Project Manager.

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