Heineken Česká republika, a.s. is coming to the traditionally strong beer market with a new product, the premium lager Krušovice Bohém. From its name itself, it is clear that the solution to the presentation of the brand on the sales floor required creativity and courage. Transferring non-traditional ideas to the display, breathing emotions into it, which are then transferred to shoppers, this is the best challenge for our DAGO team.


“The client’s request was to really live up to the meaning of the word bohém, i.e. to combine elements such as unrestrainedness and difference, but at the same time stick to the brand’s main communication, which says that Bohém is a premium beer made from Žatec hops,” says Lucie Michajlov, the Senior Project Manager. The final form of the POP medium in the form of a shop-in-shop is a lager in a luxurious black and gold design that cannot be overlooked by the consumer. The high quality of the display, which is mainly made of co-plastic, is underlined by the hop garlands and the dominant 3D logo of the brand. The lager is also presented to the public in the form of a spot projection in a Holofan. “The implementation was supposed to bring the so-called wow effect, but also offer sufficient space for stocking products, namely bottles and cans. In this part too, we did not forget an important detail that beautifully fine-tunes the overall impression, namely the lighting of the shelves and the lower edge of the pallet wrapping,” adds Lucie Michajlov.
Krušovice Bohém shop-in-shops were installed in selected Albert hypermarkets. “We are very pleased that we were able to meet the client’s expectations and received positive feedback from the client. On behalf of DAGO, I would like to thank Jana Hronová and Stanislav Krátký, the contractors from Heineken Česká republika, a.s. for the opportunity to collaborate on such an interesting and challenging project,” concludes Lucie Michajlov.



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