In cooperation with Kofola a.s. we have prepared POS carriers for Royal Crown Cola in the Albert and Globus stores, which will allow shoppers to enjoy the peace and quietness of South America. Transferring yourself across the ocean is possible not only thanks to the attractive and original shop-in-shop display but also by winning the accompanying competition in selected chains.


The development of the in-store concept for the Royal Crown Cola campaign was a complex project in which we tried not only to communicate last year’s novelty, i.e. the new sugar-free variant of Royal Crown Cola No Sugar, but also to create an emotional experience for the shopper while maintaining respect for the brand’s attributes.
The shop-in-shop itself is essentially a miniature of a southern house with a typical porch, supplemented by some small details that make it look believable. An example can be a library with real books, a table clock, signs with inscriptions, and even a turtle, which underlines the claim of the entire campaign “Slow down and win” and connects the already mentioned focus on the new No sugar variant of the brand. Of course, the display takes care of a sufficient supply of the product and there is also a refrigerator, which enables the refreshing consumption of drinks immediately after purchase. From April 26th, shoppers can meet these original Shop-In-Shops in selected Albert hypermarkets. The in-store visibility of Royal Crown Cola will continue in the next wave at the end of June in Globus stores, where it will be enriched with one important element, which we will leave as a surprise for shoppers until the actual implementation.



Your DAGO team

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