Store design as a competitive element

Customers are shopping with all their senses. It would be foolish to think that the final decision is being influenced only by the product quality regardless of package, price or for example environment where shoppers are p…

You can see Robot Karel in Albert and Hruška stores

The Kofola campaign with Robot Karel focused on supporting new flavours takes place also in an in-store environment. After Globus stores, now it takes place in Ahold stores and selected Hruška stores. In this display, the c…

Captain Morgan “plows the waves” of Globus stores again

During July, in Globus chain, we can see an action display resembling a boat we have created for the Captain Morgan brand. Besides the emphasis on the sales campaign, its aim is also to build-up the brand. Its distinctive f…

Fresh spring ideas from Pinterest

Inspiration from the world of beverages.
These and many other worldwide POP inspirations can be continually found on

MPV: Adoration of digital technologies had faded also at MPV and analogue realizations “lead the dance”

The Paris Trade Fair did not show many technological innovations. Its creativity consisted primarily in original design and material combinations.

The Marketing Point de Vente (MPV) Trade Fair has traditionally “did” with…

Metaxa is developing the brand in retail

The brand of Greek Metaxa distillates came up with a display in Globus stores. In addition to sales promotion, it focuses on building the brand. This year, there is a good opportunity for it, as Metaxa is just going through…

Children and adults will love the new display “Veselá kráva” by Dago

Cheese from “Veselá kráva” and popular snacks “Sýr a Křup” attract the attention of almost all passers-by these days. Dago has created a new shop-in-shop for the company “BEL sýry”. The customer’s assignment was to create a very creative pallet display that would support the image of the “Veselá kráva” brand and at the same time offer a sufficient supply for the products offered by this brand.

The shop-in-shop aimed to attract and allure mainly small children, which is not typical in the dairy segment. The team of DAGO graphic designers welcomed this change and created the concept, which can be seen in Kaufland store in Prague – Vypich since September 2021 and in Kaufland store in Olomouc – Hněvotínská since October. „For the production of the display for the company BEL Sýry Česko a.s. we used carefully selected types of recyclable plastics with regard to the required properties. Some parts of the display require hardness, others flexibility and resistance to load or bending,” explains Jakub Petráš, the Project Manager from Dago.

The plastic solution of the pallet display offers excellent availability of both products – “Veselá kráva” cheese and “Sýr a Křup” snacks. Customers can take them from all sides. “We were very interested in how skilfully the agency interconnected the display and communication of both brands, as well as in the implementation of interactive elements. At the same time, the display has sufficient capacity for placing goods, which is also quite important,” says Dagmar Petříčková, the Trade Manager from BEL Sýry.

Small shoppers are attracted to the display with the possibility to have fun composing pictures, either in the form of the “Veselá kráva” logo on red and white cubes or in the form of photos of active children on rotary cylinders. “On the very first day during the installation, we witnessed the interest of several children who responded to the display and began to examine it,” Jakub Petráš comments on the display.
The cylinders themselves consist of three pieces and contain nine different motives for composing. They were made and tested to be 100% safe for children. When visiting the stores, we see that shopping parents are interested in the display and the children like to compose pictures on it. We are very pleased about that,” adds Dagmar Petříčková.

The whole concept is also ready for a light version with a backlit logo, illuminated shelves, and eventually an LCD display. Thanks to its creative and entertaining part, the display is gaining the attention of children and subsequently their parents. The responses from both the retail chain and the client are very positive and, above all, the functionality of the design is being emphasized.



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