Our Captain Morgan boat won the prestigious Shop! Global Awards

The famous Captain Morgana sailing ship we made for the company Stock Plzeň-Božkov, won an award of the international association Shop! at the Global Awards competition. From the final ceremonial, which took place in Chicago, USA, we brought home an award for the best marketing in-store project in the strong category of alcoholic and tobacco products.

We brought two gold medals from POPAI Euro Awards 2019

We won totally five medal positions at the Thursday´s finals of the world competition POPAI Euro Awards, in which the best projects from the sphere of in-store advertisement compete with each other. We won with all five March nominations.

The animated car model dominated in Tesco and Globus stores

The producer of confectionery, chewing-gums and pet food Mars recently introduced a campaign for Orbit and Airwaves chewing-gums called “Arrive fresh in a new car!”. Our one-palette display informed of the contest and attracted attention in Tesco and Globus stores especially thanks to a car model with interactive elements.

Step to the pedals! Birell’s new display allures to the summer relax

How to draw attention of customers to the fact that they will find the non-alcoholic Birell refreshment for hot summer days also in the departments of beers, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages in their supermarket? For this purpose, the brand has been using a new end cap, we have produced, since the beginning of May.

We won 5 nominations at POPAI Awards 2019

From the nomination night of POPAI Awards, we go to finals with 5 nominations, which is the same number as the last year. The big finals will take place in June and there will be 270 projects in 44 categories contesting to win.

Baby food Hami is being sold in Hamleys by the windmill

In Hamleys, the Prague toy store, an entertaining world Hamíkov, where parents can spend their leisure time with their children, was built in cooperation with the company Nutricia. We have created an interactive display for it with the offer of Hami baby food.

The permanent palette display should attract especially parents with children under the age of three. “We endeavour to ensure that people, who are spending their time in the new play area for children, remember our Hami brand that offers products for infants and toddlers. They can buy a fruit snack or varied lunch for their children in the form of Hami meat-and-vegetable complementary food. The display combining interactivity and products supports the increase in sales,” explains Lenka Doležalová, the Trade Marketing Manager from Nutricia, which sells the Hami baby food.

To ensure that parents and their children notice the display, we conceived it as a windmill with a footbridge surrounded by varicoloured animals. It attracts the attention of the youngest visitors who wish to play intuitively. Their attention is being attracted by three main playing elements: rotating blades of the mill, playing cubes with Hami icons that work together like a jigsaw puzzle, and the colourful footbridge children can walk on while their parents can take pictures of them.

The interactivity combined with attractive design makes this project to be fully trendy. The display embodies several functionalities. Nontraditionally, it shows parents the offered products and at the same time, it entertains children.

During the development of this display, we have focused not only on its design that had to correspond with the play area of Hamíkov, but we also focused on safety. “There was a risk that the display would stand just on the line between the carpet and linoleum. But DAGO proposed suitable materials and construction for the display that would eliminate possible floor unevenness,” adds Lenka Doleželová from Nutricia.

Projects similar to this one provide extraordinary adventures and experience. By this, they support sales and also strengthen the communicated brand. We love to solve similar projects enabling us to create innovative solutions and to bring the bigger value of proposals and realizations of palette presentations.

Your DAGO team

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