Baby food Hami is being sold in Hamleys by the windmill

In Hamleys, the Prague toy store, an entertaining world Hamíkov, where parents can spend their leisure time with their children, was built in cooperation with the company Nutricia. We have created an interactive display for it with the offer of Hami baby food.

The animated car model dominated in Tesco and Globus stores

The producer of confectionery, chewing-gums and pet food Mars recently introduced a campaign for Orbit and Airwaves chewing-gums called “Arrive fresh in a new car!”. Our one-palette display informed of the contest and attracted attention in Tesco and Globus stores especially thanks to a car model with interactive elements.

Our Captain Morgan boat won the prestigious Shop! Global Awards

The famous Captain Morgana sailing ship we made for the company Stock Plzeň-Božkov, won an award of the international association Shop! at the Global Awards competition. From the final ceremonial, which took place in Chicago, USA, we brought home an award for the best marketing in-store project in the strong category of alcoholic and tobacco products.

We brought two gold medals from POPAI Euro Awards 2019

We won totally five medal positions at the Thursday´s finals of the world competition POPAI Euro Awards, in which the best projects from the sphere of in-store advertisement compete with each other. We won with all five March nominations.

Step to the pedals! Birell’s new display allures to the summer relax

How to draw attention of customers to the fact that they will find the non-alcoholic Birell refreshment for hot summer days also in the departments of beers, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages in their supermarket? For this purpose, the brand has been using a new end cap, we have produced, since the beginning of May.

Thanks for POPAI CE AWARDS 2016

On Thursday, 24th November, there took place this year´s POPAI Awards ceremony for the best advertisement means in the sphere of in-store communication. And just like last year, our company won most of the awards. We succeeded with six realizations. The award for an excellent realization won the Captain Morgan end cap created for our client Stock Plzeň-Božkov and took up the last year´s success, when the Captain Morgan boat won the absolute winner of the evening. We succeeded also in another category with Captain Morgan. The action Captain Morgan pallet island, wooden hand-made one-pallet display shaped as a boat, won the first place in the category of alcoholic beverages. Our other awarded project was a cardboard display of Somersby cider by Budějovický Budvar evoking the pleasant summer day atmosphere; it won the category of the best realization from cardboard.
In the category of food, the end cap of Vitana farmer´s soups as farmer´s stall full of flavours won the first place. This realization, thanks to which customers can feel as being at farmer´s market, had a task to support the launch of a new product line. In the category of soft drinks, there won the creative realization for Jupík by Kofola as an interactive cardboard train with diodes for kids allowing the smallest customers to become an engine-driver for a while. Another victory was succeeded with a promotable for closer shoppers acquaintance with vegetable fats Flora. The natural design in the form of a wooden and laminated stall succeeded in the category of prototypes.

In this year´s Central European round, there competed 107 realizations in nineteen categories. We greatly appreciate the victories and awards of our six realizations and also we are glad that we had the opportunity to work on these projects and to contribute, together with our clients, to better environment of points of sales.

Your DAGO team

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