Supplier or strategic partner – who will bring a greater value within P.O.P.?

The Czech Republic and Slovak Republic are incredible in the In-store marketing segment. We produce an enormous amount of carriers, we do many promotional activities and we have plenty of stores where people purchase and companies, similar to us, help to sell. But, is the sales effect also growing? Should we always focus only on sales revenue, or should we build a brand? How do we stand in comparison with abroad?

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Case study Birell: How to cut a bicycle in halves?

The client’s order was simple: create a permanent end cap for non-alcoholic refreshment Birell. It was supposed to resonate with the main elements of the product – focus on people, spending time outdoors, having fun with friends and a summer relax. Therefore, we created several different proposals which have gradually developed until we finally … cut a bicycle in halves. What made us to do this?

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“Fragments” from POPAI PARIS

Popai Paris gives us great expectations each year, as we will see new technological procedures and
design ideas. This year’s Popai took place at a very interesting place by the river, but there was very
limited space, thus it could hold only exhibition showpieces unlike last year, where stands of
producers were also displayed with a possibility to talk to them personally.

It is worth mentioning the very simply but elegantly processed display for luxury champagne. At first
sight, it looks really premium and expensive while from the production point of view, it is nothing
complicated or expensive as it might seem. It is a wooden base with engraved and illuminated clear
plexiglass attached to another board. It is mainly a presentation display, not intended for selling
displayed products. But it is certainly sufficient for this premium product.

Another thing that made a pause on, rather in the negative sense, was the branding of a display for Skoll
beer. Of course, plexiglass stoppers will attract attention at first sight, but on the other hand, we ask
ourselves a question – to what extent such display is relevant for this competition. Another thing is the practicality of these stoppers, which could be even dangerous in terms of injury. We are concerned
about sharply cut clear plexiglass at the level of children’s eyes. And when the illumination of the
display turns off the display can be easily overlooked. In the Czech environment, we estimate the
durability of such an element would last for approximately one week.

The display of Fuzetea was quite good. At first sight, it gives a really robust impression. But looking
closely, an expert knows that it is economically brilliantly solved. The whole P.O.S. is just from metal
frames with Penta print and shelves with simple lighting. No expensive and heavy MDF or all-metal

The display for Jameson in the category of alcoholic beverages is a direct competitor for us, so we
were interested in it more closely. As a whole, the display is not very complicated or creatively
processed compared to what we do in the Czech Republic. However, we can certainly take
inspiration, at least just from the illumination of the alcohol exposition display topper. Tiny light
bulbs built into the name give a very nice impression. Some people might say that it looks a little like
a circus, but personally, I like this idea very much.

Finally, it is worth noting that unlike Fuzetea or Jameson, where the technological processing was
great but simple, we saw many applications – mainly for premium products – where we must pay a
big compliment to the level of technologies and production. As an example, we have chosen a mobile
serving and presentation case by Moet.

Anna Bruzkova and Miroslav Obratil, DAGO

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