Christmas Summary: How did Dago cope with Christmas POSs?

Before Christmas, traders always have to work hard to replenish the displayed goods. The shopping spree attracts consumers to visit permanent stores where they buy gifts for their loved ones. But how to stand out in crowded sales areas and reach the largest possible...

Celebrate Christmas with a unique Pilsner Urquell activation

Festive dress, potato salad, fried carp and something good to drink. This is what a classic Christmas Eve dinner looks like in many Czech households. Premium beer is an essential part of Christmas, just like Christmas sweets. This is also why the Pilsner Urquell brand...

Fanta drinks are betting on Halloween

Although Halloween is not a typical Czech holiday, it is still a great opportunity for marketers to establish contact with customers in a way they cannot otherwise afford. There are no limits to imagination, and smartly thought-out and amusing POSs can significantly...

Big Shock bet on a creative offer of the complete assortment

For the first time, the Big Shock brand displayed its complete range in one place, as part of a new permanent display at the Globus store in Prague – Čakovice. The creative end cap is the collective work of Al-Namura and our agency. According to available data, after installation, sales increased significantly not only in the beverage segment but also in the confectionery segment under the Big Shock brand.

The main goal was to attract the attention of customers in the shopping area, to increase the visibility of the Big Shock brand, but also to present its complete range in one place for the first time. “Even though we implemented this sales strategy during the covid-19 pandemic, the investment has paid off,” said David Tlach, Al-Namura’s Trade & Category Manager (FMCG), adding: “We currently have the first sales results which are already showing a significant increase in both segments.“

The end cap will be placed in other stores

“We have verified that the premium creative end cap solution works. Big Shock is an established Czech self-confident brand, which annually places new flavors and limited editions on the market. We want to strengthen the perception of the brand as premium and at the same time make it easier for customers to choose products – they will all find them in one place. This concept has proved very successful so far, which is why, in addition to the end cap, we are also planning a permanent pallet exhibition,” David Tlach says about the co-operation.

Multifunctional end cap in a premium design

We worked out the technical design, including the creative. As our project manager Markéta Čichovská says, the main goal of the extravagant and at the same time elegant end cap was to connect the main attributes of the Big Shock brand and then its multifunctional use. The biggest attention is drawn to the significantly angled topper of the shelf, from which the Big Shock brand logo stands out. Thanks to the precise processing made of premium glossy material, the purity and extravagance of the logo and the entire exhibition stand out.

“In addition to distinctive branded colors and premium materials, this permanent installation also has a refrigerator and a backlit part. It allows the exchange of visuals according to current news or events. It is also interesting to use cascading shelves, which makes it easier for customers to pick up products. The big advantage is the possibility to easily disassemble the construction, which will facilitate the transfer between stores,” adds Markéta Čichovská.

Your Dago Team.

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