Already since January customers can see Radegast beer’s new activations produced by Dago in cooperation with Plzeňský Prazdroj. For the production of a set of POS materials, several innovative elements were used so that the beer brand originating from Nošovice received the deserved attention of shoppers.

Radegast is a brand of popular bitter beer that is named after the Moravian pagan god of harvest and hospitality. Thanks to the wild landscape from which it originates, Radegast beer is associated with tough men who are determined to overcome difficult obstacles, and even when fate does not favour them, they do not fall into bitterness and choose the right path. These emotions are also transferred to the slogan “Life is bitter. Thank goodness!”.

Symbolic elements were preserved

The entire display set was designed to follow this well-known motto, which has accompanied the brand for over a decade. The set, which consists of endcaps, a pallet island, and a shelf module, also presents other key symbols for the Radegast brand, such as a statue of the God Radegast, stones, thunders, and lightning reminiscent of the peculiar Beskydy region, flowing water, and hops.

Unique endcaps with interactive elements

The most striking of the entire set of POS materials in this campaign is undoubtedly the endcap. In its left part, there is a statue of the God Radegast, which is unique for Czech standards. It is made using the 3D printing method, which has become a trend in recent years; however, such use of the product for sales display is truly unique. For the display to look realistic, it was necessary to think about its further development, including the materials used.

“Solid wood was used for the production of the endcap – walnut wood in particular. The display is scratched on the visible parts in such a way that the structure of the wood stands out as much as possible,” explains Gabriela Holá, the Production Manager from the Dago communication agency.

Not only the 3D printing technology and materials used make this endcap unique. A playful element that entices you to explore the activation in more detail is a lever that, when pressed, makes a sound of thunder and flashes lights on the display. For the overall fine-tuning of the atmosphere of the harsh but beautiful landscape of the Beskydy forests, the display includes real flowing water resembling a stream slowly flowing between stones.

Emphasis on ecology

The entire POS campaign from the Radegast brand pays attention to ecology. This is also why individual displays can be easily rebranded. The use of recyclable materials such as wood and PVC-free plastic is a matter of course. “The displays are intended for permanent use, not just for one-time use. In addition, they can be easily modified if necessary – directly on the sales floor. The quality of the materials determines that they can be used for many years,” says Ľuboš Plačko, the Project Manager from Dago.

The POS set follows on from the cooperation that has already taken place

Even the single pallet display, which was produced as part of this presentation, reflects the idea and slogan of Radegast beer. The permanent design of the pallet display again combines material and graphic elements, and in addition, the illumination completes the activation as a whole. The third element of the set is the aforementioned shelf module – it completely dominates within the framework of a classic beer shelf or beer aisle. The illumination of the module gives bottles and cans a real “hero” status, which for sure attracts even consumers for whom beer is not a usual item in their shopping basket.

The set of permanent POS materials, which has been intensively worked on for several months, builds on the cardboard displays from the Dago agency, which were already placed in the stores at the beginning of January this year.

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