Retail after Coronavirus? More online activities and strong Christmas

Precautions to prevent further spread of coronavirus are slowly being released. Life seems to be returning to normal. But it is already clear that the economic consequences of the crisis we have experienced in recent weeks will be long-lasting and will affect most sectors. How will Covid-19 affect the future of the retail environment?

Supplier or strategic partner – who will bring a greater value within P.O.P.?

The Czech Republic and Slovak Republic are incredible in the In-store marketing segment. We produce an enormous amount of carriers, we do many promotional activities and we have plenty of stores where people purchase and companies, similar to us, help to sell. But, is the sales effect also growing? Should we always focus only on sales revenue, or should we build a brand? How do we stand in comparison with abroad?

BLOG: 10 tactics to stimulate impulsive purchases

At the time when people do more and more purchases online, impulsive in-store purchases are becoming increasingly important. They’re stimulated primarily by choosing the right products, placing them into the right place, or attracting attention of shoppers. Below, you can learn about 10 Shopify tips on how to increase their frequency and value. In these 10 tips, you can learn how

Case study Birell: How to cut a bicycle in halves?

The client’s order was simple: create a permanent end cap for non-alcoholic refreshment Birell. It was supposed to resonate with the main elements of the product – focus on people, spending time outdoors, having fun with friends and a summer relax. Therefore, we created several different proposals which have gradually developed until we finally … cut a bicycle in halves. What made us to do this?

“Fragments” from POPAI PARIS

Popai Paris gives us great expectations each year, as we will see new technological procedures and design ideas. This year’s Popai took place at a very interesting place by the river, but there was very limited space, thus it could hold only exhibition showpieces unlike last year, where stands of producers were also displayed with a possibility to talk to them personally.

Interior of a store: what to focus on

Creating the right atmosphere of a store is one of the key factors, which stimulate customers to purchase. It is important for shoppers to feel good already when they enter the store and to feel positive emotions. Customers p…

Shopping center like a sanctuary of consumption

A well-dressed attractive girl walks along the sidewalk, half a step behind her is a less nice-looking and attractively dressed friend. The first one stopped in front of the proximity sensor before the open door of the larg…

What do clients often expect from P.O.S. solutions?

The overall communication with customers at points-of-sales develops according to expectations of shoppers. Retailers are very well aware of this fact and that is why they reflect the knowledge about their customers into sp…

The actual trends in the P.O.P./P.O.S branch: Efficiency, Modern Technologies and Interactivity

The P.O.P./P.O.S branch has developed in many ways over the previous few years. Clients focus on strategic and clearly defined goals, so there is needed a comprehensive approach that uses the most modern technologies. For us, it means maximizing the effectiveness and potential of P.O.P. tools, all in the correct context.

The most popular means include especially floor and rack means as well as promotions. Nowadays, there is greater interest in interactive and lighting means, whose sophistication and quality increases thanks to the modern technologies and materials. Even “simple” displays can include up to ten types of technologies. Of course, this puts great demands on manufacturers and their technological equipment not only in the sphere of investments, but also in terms of know-how. At the same time, it is necessary to remember the basic rules. P.O.P./P.O.S. means must be as clear, simple and understandable as possible. Further, they must be visible, standing on an exposed spot and integrated into the correct context. In fact, then a simple principle helps. Promotional materials at the point-of-sales must be set up to be understandable for customers within three seconds, visible from four sides and must communicate in five words maximum.

Progress in materials, processes and technologies

Times are changing and for production, there are being used more often materials that support savings and also design advancement of products while maintaining proper functionality and appearance. Among other things, they also reflect the environmental trends of the economical sustainability, for example displacement of the traditional PVC. Even in the case of standard P.O.P. elements, there has been placed an emphasis on detail processing, where, on the contrary, materials providing the necessary impression get some room, but often it is more about a good idea. At the same time, the pressure on the print quality increased which develops along with the development of printing technologies. While screen process printing had been used in the sphere of P.O.P. until recently, today this technology has been mostly replaced by digital printing with increasingly high resolution quality. In the case of lighting elements, fluorescent lamps have been almost completely replaced by LEDs over the last two years.

The current customers require a comprehensive approach

Nowadays, we increasingly register the term “Omnichannel Shopper”, a modern customer using mobile devices or internet for shopping. In the context of the obvious potential, an increasing number of marketing initiatives focus on connecting three key components: in-store, digital and experience communications. In other words, multiple channels (Multichannel, Omnichannel, Crosschannel) need to be fully and meaningfully used to acquire and establish a long-term relationship with customers. We can see this trend in more and more frequent use of multimedia applications in in-store P.O.P. realizations. Interaction with customers is desirable as to our experience and even quite affordable in today´s modern technologies era. This is why it is increasingly important to offer a comprehensive approach, such as Complex In-Store Solution, which helps to increase the effectiveness of P.O.P. communication campaigns.

Martin Vorel

This edited article was published in the Tovar&Predaj magazine

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