Baby food Hami is being sold in Hamleys by the windmill

In Hamleys, the Prague toy store, an entertaining world Hamíkov, where parents can spend their leisure time with their children, was built in cooperation with the company Nutricia. We have created an interactive display for it with the offer of Hami baby food.

The animated car model dominated in Tesco and Globus stores

The producer of confectionery, chewing-gums and pet food Mars recently introduced a campaign for Orbit and Airwaves chewing-gums called “Arrive fresh in a new car!”. Our one-palette display informed of the contest and attracted attention in Tesco and Globus stores especially thanks to a car model with interactive elements.

Our Captain Morgan boat won the prestigious Shop! Global Awards

The famous Captain Morgana sailing ship we made for the company Stock Plzeň-Božkov, won an award of the international association Shop! at the Global Awards competition. From the final ceremonial, which took place in Chicago, USA, we brought home an award for the best marketing in-store project in the strong category of alcoholic and tobacco products.

We brought two gold medals from POPAI Euro Awards 2019

We won totally five medal positions at the Thursday´s finals of the world competition POPAI Euro Awards, in which the best projects from the sphere of in-store advertisement compete with each other. We won with all five March nominations.

Step to the pedals! Birell’s new display allures to the summer relax

How to draw attention of customers to the fact that they will find the non-alcoholic Birell refreshment for hot summer days also in the departments of beers, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages in their supermarket? For this purpose, the brand has been using a new end cap, we have produced, since the beginning of May.

We win Shop! Global Award with Somersby display

The seventh year of the international competition Shop! Global Awards knows the winners of the best in-store realizations for the year 2016. Among the winners, there is also a display of the Somersby cider created by our team. From the retail Trade Fair Euroshop in Dusseldorf, we bring an award for the best semi-permanent display in the category of alcoholic beverages. The Somersby display was previously awarded as the best realization made of cardboard within POPAI CE Awards 2016, and thanks to that it gained the chance to participate also at Shop! Global Awards.

The winning realization, in the form of cardboard display, supports sales of the Somersby cider produced by the company Budějovický Budvar n.p. on the modern market. The cascading shelves facilitate taking-out the goods and show all the offered kinds of the cider. Maintaining maximum simplicity, the display materialized the charisma of the Somersby brand at the point-of-sales and built on the content of its comprehensive communication. Application of the brand 3D logo and a basket made of real wicket enhanced the overall image and emotional potential.

The overall concept of the display supports a pleasant purchase of the goods, many elements bring the atmosphere of a relaxing summer day, as for example the balloon visual, chair placed into a garden or the mentioned wicker basket for apples inserted into the upper shelf. The fruit origin of the beverage is underlined with a spreading apple tree crowning the shelves with displayed products.

At this year´s seventh global competition, there participated 63 realizations from all continents that competed for victory in 19 categories. Winners will obtain awards at the international Trade Fair GlobalShop in Las Vegas on March 29th.

Your team DAGO

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