Fanta drinks are betting on Halloween

Although Halloween is not a typical Czech holiday, it is still a great opportunity for marketers to establish contact with customers in a way they cannot otherwise afford. There are no limits to imagination, and smartly thought-out and amusing POSs can significantly...


The prestigious European competition POPAI Awards Paris knows its winners. The winning projects, selected by an expert jury, were announced on September 15th in Paris.

Smile, please! GSK and Dago present the right dental care

Dental care is a whole-life and daily thing that affects us all. A new display from GSK and its brands Odol, Corega, Parodontax, and Sensodyne will show you how to do good oral hygiene.  An individual display for the new range of Sensodyne Nourish therapeutic toothpaste was also created for Albert stores. Both projects were created in co-operation with the communication agency Dago.

Customers can come across a unique illuminated installation in the Albert store in Chodov, Prague. The display is divided into a total of four modules supplemented by specific products dedicated to a different topic of oral hygiene:

  1. specialized care for sensitive teeth,
  2. specialized care for bleeding gums,
  3. care for dental prostheses and orthodontic appliances,
  4. products reflecting current sustainability trends.

The dental hygiene column educates customers on how to properly care for their teeth, and at the same time clearly presents the entire portfolio of brands Odol, Corega, Parodontax, and Sensodyne and their focus on specific problems.

The majority of the Czech population buys dental hygiene products in permanent stores, where a shelf with a large number of brands and types of pastes can represent an unnecessarily complicated process for consumers. For customers, quick and easy orientation in the store is crucial. The advantage of this display is that customers will find everything they need – not only products but also information – in one place. Consumers unambiguously positively perceive the opportunity to learn anything interesting about products and to understand the specifics of the product. The display thus offers to customers a solution exactly according to their needs.

The display for the new range of Sensodyne Nourish therapeutic toothpastes is based on the main features of natural ingredients and sustainable packaging materials. Toothpastes from this range have fully recyclable boxes, and also tubes including lids.

The installation is made of cardboard and draws attention with tooth and toothpaste tube shapes standing side by side. The white look is complemented by the motif of aloe vera, one of the components of the new range. The display is deployed in five selected Albert stores.

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