KOLONÁDA – mobile selling handcart

For our client Kraft Foods, we have designed and produced specific presentation unit KOLONADA – a mobile selling handcart in retro style evoking time, when production of traditional wafers Kolonada was set up.

Regarding shape and construction solution, we have found inspiration in documents of that era, nevertheless this handcart meets modern and specific demands of the client on preparation, sale and presentation of Kolonada wafers. As an example, the handcart has been equipped by electric switchboard, which powers toaster for wafers prepared on the spot of presentation by hostess. Manipulation with the handcart is quite easy, although its overall weight including fittings exceeds 80 kg. The handcart has become integral part of presentation of Kolonada wafers within this year´s promo campaign. (www.oplatky-kolonada.cz)

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