Movement, light, and sound will play an important role

The development of POP is very closely linked to the packaging materials market. Any product packaging is the basic key to the creation of POSM, from which the final graphic design, the selection of materials for the production part, and the subsequent implementation at the point of sale are derived.

Case study: How to handle the chaotic management of POS realizations?

Many entities are involved in the production and installation of POS materials. It involves many people on the part of a manufacturer, client, and seller. The larger the project, the more likely it is that the realization will not go smoothly. So how can we ensure that the management of each project is more efficient and transparent?

Retail after Coronavirus? More online activities and strong Christmas

Precautions to prevent further spread of coronavirus are slowly being released. Life seems to be returning to normal. But it is already clear that the economic consequences of the crisis we have experienced in recent weeks will be long-lasting and will affect most sectors. How will Covid-19 affect the future of the retail environment?

Supplier or strategic partner – who will bring a greater value within P.O.P.?

The Czech Republic and Slovak Republic are incredible in the In-store marketing segment. We produce an enormous amount of carriers, we do many promotional activities and we have plenty of stores where people purchase and companies, similar to us, help to sell. But, is the sales effect also growing? Should we always focus only on sales revenue, or should we build a brand? How do we stand in comparison with abroad?

BLOG: 10 tactics to stimulate impulsive purchases

At the time when people do more and more purchases online, impulsive in-store purchases are becoming increasingly important. They’re stimulated primarily by choosing the right products, placing them into the right place, or attracting attention of shoppers. Below, you can learn about 10 Shopify tips on how to increase their frequency and value. In these 10 tips, you can learn how

Case study Birell: How to cut a bicycle in halves?

The client’s order was simple: create a permanent end cap for non-alcoholic refreshment Birell. It was supposed to resonate with the main elements of the product – focus on people, spending time outdoors, having fun with friends and a summer relax. Therefore, we created several different proposals which have gradually developed until we finally … cut a bicycle in halves. What made us to do this?

“Fragments” from POPAI PARIS

Popai Paris gives us great expectations each year, as we will see new technological procedures and design ideas. This year’s Popai took place at a very interesting place by the river, but there was very limited space, thus it could hold only exhibition showpieces unlike last year, where stands of producers were also displayed with a possibility to talk to them personally.

Interior of a store: what to focus on

Creating the right atmosphere of a store is one of the key factors, which stimulate customers to purchase. It is important for shoppers to feel good already when they enter the store and to feel positive emotions. Customers perceive the atmosphere using all their senses. It is not just about the known factors, as for example pleasant lighting, optimal volume and style of music, fragrances, temperature and many more. Unified design and concept of a store also very positively influence customers.

There may be also fundamental how easily shoppers can orient within a store and find what they look for. Long searching without success does not create positive feelings. That is why it is, especially in large stores, appropriate to create an easy-to-understand navigation system, which will ideally be also a design element. Uniform recipe how to choose the right atmosphere of a store doesn´t exist, it is necessary to know many other aspects, such as store size, focus, customer target group and so on. In general, however, the goal of each store should be evoking pleasant, joyful feelings of customers who enjoy the time they spent shopping so that they would like to come back.

Simplicity and natural wood are in the lead

Nowadays, in most interiors there still prevail metal shelf systems, which are, of course, very efficient, but unfortunately most do not represent a design element of a store. Especially in small, more luxury stores, there are suitable clean, simple, glossy, not re-combined shelves giving very elegant impression. A store can also be designed all in natural wood. There is a simple rule: to stylize the design, materials and the overall concept of a store in accordance with offered products or services.

Renovation can fundamentally help

It is always necessary to consider a renovation thoroughly and ideally search advice from professionals. If a store gives an unclean, chaotic, disorganized and faded impression, it does not evoke pleasant emotions of shoppers and threatens the credibility of such store in their eyes. When clients don’t feel comfortable in the environment, they would aim to do shopping as quickly as possible and buy only the most necessary items, or they could eventually change their mind during their stay in the store.

Proper P.O.P. materials increase sales

Especially in large supermarkets, we can see a great variety of P.O.P. materials to support sales. Many of them are used only to “slip” a specific product to shoppers, especially in the cases when a customer doesn´t prefer any brand and doesn´t want to spend time choosing. In such a case he/she would buy just the product which differs from the rest of products and which is just at hand (usually in some cardboard display). With P.O.S. materials, we can of course communicate much more, for example introduce a new product, highlight its benefits, draw attention to discounts. One level above, there are various permanent displays made of all kinds of materials or their combinations (wood, metal, plastic materials,…) within the sales promotions. They will attract attention, motivate customers to buy, inform about a product, but they can also greatly complement the atmosphere of a store. Also interactive elements are very positive for customers, whatever makes sound and moves in a meaningful way, everything unusual. Also elements where you can touch the product are suitable. An ideal sales promotion, especially for children, is some form of play or experience. Thanks to the ever-evolving modern technologies in today´s world, nothing is impossible, it´s all just a matter of finance that a company wants to invest into sales promotions.

The basis is customer knowledge

In addition to the product quality, it also depends on the form and the way of presentation at the sale. In times of a strong competition, it is crucial to think about the target group and do everything to make clients to feel good in the environment where we offer our product and to be happy coming back. Knowing customers’ needs and preferences can be the key to success and sustained prosperity of the business. Satisfied customer does not represent only one-time sale. He/she can create unwavering preferences for the product and the point of sales, give recommendations to his/her family and friends. All this gives a competitive advantage, which could have been the beginning of the redesign and remodelling of such store.

Ing. Anna Brůžková
Project manager DAGO, s.r.o

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