Properly chosen POS as sales promotion works

Successful POS is based on the knowledge of the client/submitter and the brand. Followed by setting a goal, creating a POS solution strategy, controlling the purchasing process, finding functional elements for sales, finding benefits, differences, etc. The preparation...

The new Heffron rum brand arrived to customers on a ship

Heffron cane rum has its place in the assortment of the Czech distillery “Palírna U Zeleného stromu” since 2019. Now Heffron draws attention to itself in Czech stores with the help of our non-traditional pallet display in the shape of a ship and a lighthouse.

Connecting two different concepts Stock met with success

Four-pallet display for Stock Plzeň a.s. was a real challenge. It combined presentations of two completely different concepts. On one hand, two novelties expanding the Božkov Republica family, namely the rum elixir Božkov Republica Espresso and the sugar-cane vodka Božkov Republica Vodka. On the other hand, the classic – the good old Fernet Stock Božkov.

Big Shock bet on a creative offer of the complete assortment

For the first time, the Big Shock brand displayed its complete range in one place, as part of a new permanent display at the Globus store in Prague - Čakovice. The creative end cap is the collective work of Al-Namura and our agency. According to available data, after...

Five gold medals from POPAI Awards

This year we can again enjoy our success at the POPAI Awards competition, where we succeeded with five realizations. The display with the Oral B toothbrush was selected as an excellent realization.

Natura water flows through Globus stores

A new pallet island for Coca-Cola HBC should acquaint shoppers with Natura bottled water and point out rebranding. It fits into a broad campaign with a similar goal. It shows the purity of the water from Adršpach with the help of water bubbling between rocks and real, live conifer in the middle.

The crisis helps us to transform

It seems that the subject matter of the current crisis will not leave us soon. We hear about it from all sides, and instead of focusing mainly on work, we constantly think about what will happen. In Dago, we decided to approach this crisis positively and proactively....

Parrot and hologram! JOJO presents itself with colourful displays

These days, JOJO confectionery hardly escapes the attention of most shoppers. For its promotion, we have produced two types of pallet displays you could currently see in selected stores. The first one presents the brand using a hologram; the second one has a plush parrot that lures shoppers.

Becherovka shows the best at the airport

Becherovka from Karlovy Vary has decided to show people from all over the world the best from its portfolio. For this purpose, it uses our shop-in-shop located in a busy place at Prague Airport. Passers-by can even smell some of the herbs from which the well-known alcoholic liqueur is made.

Éro Shepherd goes crazy about Brit Meaty Jerky in stores

In cooperation with the Czech pet food manufacturer VAFO Prague, we introduced the new dog snack Brit Meaty Jerky using an original permanent display. It will be available in most of the 75 countries where the company operates.

“Our goal was to draw attention to the important attributes of Brit Meaty Jerky, which – as one of the few – is being produced in the EU, in high quality and according to European standards, using the unusual in-store communication typical for us,” Milan Rytíř, Trade & Export Marketing Manager VAFO Prague, explains the idea of the concept and adds: “Traditionally, we used a colleague’s dog as the main star, this time a Belgian shepherd named Éro, who accurately represents the product claim ‘crazy about meat’.“

The display should support impulse purchases and increase sales of snacks in general. VAFO is a European leading manufacturer of premium pet food, distributing its products to more than 75 countries, and most of them will see this new display.

“Whenever we prepare POS or POP material, we are very happy to test it directly in our showroom. We quickly get feedback from many colleagues from all our departments and we can evaluate the primary response of customers. Even in the case of the new display for jerky, their reactions were great,“ praises Milan Rytíř.

Our designers aimed to show the joy and eagerness of a dog that sees a new snack. “The exhibition consists of a wooden body and plastic 3D elements. We placed the greatest emphasis on an insanely happy dog longing for jerky and information about individual flavors in combination with meat. Finally, we slightly refreshed the whole idea and lightened it with artificial lawn and flowers,” explains Markéta Čichovská, our Project Manager.


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