A snowy Christmas with Pilsner beer? The ideal combination

An unusual shopping experience you don't often get to experience. The Christmas display for Plzeňský Prazdroj, however, did just that thanks to a unique combination of the Pilsner Urquell tradition and unusual technology. It can be seen in stores in the Czech Republic...

Take a peek behind the scenes at DAGO and have fun with us

We are busy with work and preparing one exhibition after another. Quality work is a priority for us, but we consider relations between colleagues and a pleasant atmosphere to be equally important. We are all for fun and in between our duties we manage to have a good...

We were there when the rum novelty Ron de Azur originated

For our long-term client STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, we prepared a set of POP media for the launch of a Panamanian rum called Ron de Azur. At first glance, it is clear that the design of POS materials provides customers with much more than just information about the product....

Cola by Birell placed under a rooster

“It would be great to come closer and take a can,” say customers who have already seen our end cap for the new Cola by Birell in Czech stores. And that is all right! This display wants to stimulate curiosity and the desire to discover.

The first thing a customer will notice without a doubt on this end cap is the rooster standing on the can with the displayed drink and pecks at it. “The rooster has become a significant element of the entire campaign for Cola by Birell. We know that consumers are curious about the drink, and it is the rooster that symbolizes this curiosity. We used it in the television advertising and our digital campaign, so it was natural that we used the same motive here as well,“ explains Tomáš Krýsman, the Category Management Team Leader of Plzeňský Prazdroj, who produces Cola by Birell.

The moving rooster completes the exploration element, which we considered to be the main one. The end cap also attracts attention with its light processing. It is intended to acquaint shoppers with the new product and to support its sale, which is supported by its expressiveness and high visibility.

The rooster was originally supposed to be static
Customers will notice more of the dynamic elements, which is why the creators decided to make the animal moving. “Movement is not a common element in P.O.S. We were looking for a solution that would allow the movement to be driven continuously and without failures. Finally, we managed to find a technique that meets this requirement, and thanks to it, the rooster can peck for hours without stopping,” says Tomáš Krýsman. Passers-by are also encouraged to experiment and taste the promoted drink and the key visual.

We used laminated plastic, plastic elements, and cardboard to produce this end cap. Shoppers can also take advantage of a refrigerator, which cools the sold drink to the desired temperature so that people can refresh themselves immediately after the purchase. We have also incorporated a larger exhibition area into it, so the end cap will offer a large stock of products.

We have produced 18 pieces of these end caps. Now, it attracts customers in Tesco stores.

Your Dago Team

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