Nomination in POPAI Awards Paris for Nestlé’s Home Café

In this year's POPAI Awards Paris 2022, our project for the Starbucks and Nescafé Dolce Gusto brands was nominated in the category of permanent POS - food and beverage. The display won the Food category in the Czech POPAI Awards 2021. We created a shop in shop called...

Tullamore D.E.W. gets new bars viewing to Ireland

Customers can now find the popular Irish whiskey Tullamore D.E.W. in new bars. However, we are not talking about a bar in terms of a pub, we are talking about a pallet display we produced and placed into Czech and Slovak retail chains. The distributor of this whiskey, Mast-Jaegermeister, has thus presented a redesigned visual identity to attract younger a target audience.

The big TV campaign, on-trade and the new visual identity are supposed to rejuvenate the brand and bring it closer to people around the age of 25 years. “We want to explain what “blend” means and to highlight Tullamore D.E.W. as a blended whiskey that wants to build the fame of the blend in whiskey as well as in life,” explains Lenka Horníková, the Trade Marketing Channel Specialist in Mast-Jaegermeister.

We have designed the pallet island as a miniature bar, which is based on its aim. “We want to attract younger consumers who have a bunch of friends to go to bar and clubs with. We show them that our whiskey is a great choice for such occasions,” adds Lenka Horníková.

The two-pallet display, shoppers might have seen in Albert, Globus and Makro stores and in Slovakia also in Tesco stores, has been produced completely from economical cardboard. The only exception are glasses, hanging lamps with rounded shades, plastic imitations of ice cubes, a wooden chair or a bell – in reality used by a barman when getting a big tip or someone orders a large round. All these real elements give customers the feeling of being at the bar and buying a drink. These elements draw them into the moment of consumption.

From Makro all the way to Ireland

In addition to the smaller pallet islands, we also made a special permanent shop-in-shop for Tullamore D.E.W. The only piece of this display was designed for the Prague Makro store – Černý Most. However, its appearance and goals are different from the previous application. “The secondary target group for us were owners of gastronomic businesses, who offer it to their customers. We also wanted to give them our long-term vision and unforgettably differentiate ourselves from our competitors. This corresponds to the look of the shop-in-shop and the chosen store,” describes Márk Zala, the Trade Marketing Specialist from Mast-Jaegermeister, who managed this parallel project.

Technically, it is a large six-pallet construction made of honeycomb and wood combined with real objects. Shoppers can sit into leather chairs, while bottles of whiskey for sale stand displayed on a decent metal table. A large wooden barrel, in which the precious drink matures for many years, dominates to the right side of the shop-in-shop.

On the left, there is a stylish cascading display with bottles of whiskey arranged in rows and ready for shoppers to buy them. The view through the window, which is attached to the rear wall, proves to be another way to refer to the brand and bring it closer to customers. The printed photo shows a distillery in Tullamore, Ireland, where world-famous whiskey has been produced. It shows the factory from a special angle, so it looks like people standing in our improvised bar are looking through the window directly at the factory. They just feel like being right there.

The only obstacle within the production was the limiting height of the display. The conditions of the stores limit it, but at the same time it was necessary to reach a certain height so that the appearance of the bar has been preserved. “We have found a solution suitable for different sales channels. Bars in stores attracted the attention of not only customers but also our business partners, which we rate positively,” concludes Lenka Horníková.

Your Dago Team

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