A snowy Christmas with Pilsner beer? The ideal combination

An unusual shopping experience you don't often get to experience. The Christmas display for Plzeňský Prazdroj, however, did just that thanks to a unique combination of the Pilsner Urquell tradition and unusual technology. It can be seen in stores in the Czech Republic...

Take a peek behind the scenes at DAGO and have fun with us

We are busy with work and preparing one exhibition after another. Quality work is a priority for us, but we consider relations between colleagues and a pleasant atmosphere to be equally important. We are all for fun and in between our duties we manage to have a good...

We were there when the rum novelty Ron de Azur originated

For our long-term client STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, we prepared a set of POP media for the launch of a Panamanian rum called Ron de Azur. At first glance, it is clear that the design of POS materials provides customers with much more than just information about the product....

Fanta drinks are betting on Halloween

Although Halloween is not a typical Czech holiday, it is still a great opportunity for marketers to establish contact with customers in a way they cannot otherwise afford. There are no limits to imagination, and smartly thought-out and amusing POSs can significantly increase sales. The new activations of Fanta drinks, which attract attention in the sales area, are betting on this.

Halloween to be torn with demand

The slogan for this autumn campaign is “Halloween to be torn with demand”. The display was created primarily for the Fanta brand, which prepared a contest for spooky prizes for the Halloween season. That is why all the campaign sets are supplemented with typical symbols of this season. On the activations, you will find illustrations of scary pumpkins, bats, and spider webs.

“Halloween is becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and it is not just an American holiday anymore. Fanta as a brand is inherently a part of Halloween, mainly due to its character and consistent communication based mainly on playfulness and fun. Considering the nature of the campaign, the preparation and implementation of the communication elements were quite fun and the result is worth it,” Tomáš Besperát, the Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola HBC, describes the campaign.

Campaign sets

Most purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, which can be used when planning marketing communications. Sets of POP materials are great means to reach as many potential consumers as possible.

Fanta prepared such a massive Halloween campaign as one of the few brands on the Czech market. “We focus on Halloween on a long-term basis. For Fanta, this is a key season of the year, also considering the profile of the target group. This year we are also introducing the new Fanta Strawberry Kiwi Zero in a limited Halloween edition,” adds Tomáš Besperát.

In the sales areas of selected chains, the activations are almost unmissable for Czech consumers.

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