Unique palette exposition for Budvar

For our customer Budějovický Budvar, n.p., we have created a non-traditional sales units for secondary exposition of promoted group packages of Budvar beer. In addition to a design and production done in a record time, we h…

Shop in shop Nikon – Alza


New project – Nikon Shop-in-shop in Alza Our company DAGO introduces a new realisation of a sophisticated NIKON shop-in-shop, which we have produced and installed in…

Sales promo in hobby markets

There is no doubt that POS can be adapted also to products out of the traditional FMCG – after all, we see the support for telco, automotive or financial services. But how to present attractively drills, saws, grinders and…

New corporate strategy


At the conference of our company, we have presented the new corporate strategy for the 5 following years. Its basis is especially increasing the corporate know-how in…


The company Dago is currently coming with many innovations that enhance existing range of products, so we can offer to our clients a much wider application of their ideas and opportunities, what types of POP material place…

Electrotechnical innovations


We have launched functional and affordable electro-technical and electronic parts, which can be integrated into traditional POP means, into the market.

We talk about…


In August, customers in Ahold stores could see an innovative display by DAGO using a new element of POS materials – 3D printing. Thus, we have created an original shop-in-shop, which at first glance captures the unique philosophy of the Jägermeister brand.

In collaboration with DJ NobodyListen and Jan Černý, a unique clothing collection for the Jägermeister brand was created. “And what is the best way to present these stylish pieces to the world in connection with the Buy a Bottle of Jägermeister campaign and get CZK 100 discount for this collection? We have decided to create a shop-in-shop display, the main feature of which is a figurine with a golden deer head, which is dressed in these pieces,” describes Eva Perglová, Project Manager of DAGO.

The entire shop-in-shop was designed to build on the company’s progressive thinking and the new concept of the #Každou#Noc#Meisterštyk campaign. Key symbols such as the deer head, the theme of the party, friendship, and nightlife were preserved for Jägermeister in the display. It is therefore clear at first sight that brands are targeting young consumers.

“Once again, the shop-in-shop has expanded the possibilities of creativity to represent our Jägermeister 18 Degrees Below Zero campaign in an unusual design of a figurine with a distinctive golden deer head. And that is what I value most; a pleasant combination of our unique clothing from famous designers in conjunction with the Jägermeister brand communicating ICE COLD. So far, I have only heard the positive feedback, so I believe that we have taken an unconventional, but branded, way at the point of sale, where a significant part of spirits sales currently take place in the Czech Republic,” says Lenka Horníková, Trade Marketing Specialist of Mast-Jaegermeister .

The future of 3D printing

3D printing technology is becoming another new trend in POS materials, which will be a trend in the coming years. Its biggest advantage is that all materials can be easily modeled using special computer software. Thus, the complicated preparation of vacuum moulds is not necessary anymore. 3D POS materials are already getting very positive responses from the lay and professional public.


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