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Electrotechnical innovations


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We talk about…


Vitana and Hamé products already take a traditional position in Czech households. In the Ahold hypermarket chain, an unconventional presentation of a pallet display, which evokes the atmosphere of a fragrant Christmas kitchen, now attracts the attention of customers.

For the Hamé and Vitana brands from the Orkla’s portfolio, we have created an original display concept that will inspire customers to the Christmas atmosphere and remind them of the smell of Christmas baking.

“Christmas is the smell of sweets, good food, and gifts. The real Christmas is and always has been heartful. We tried to transfer the emotions of Christmas preparations, the smell of sweets and Christmas cake, the joyful atmosphere full of lights, candles, and love to the point of sale,“ adds Šárka Drábková, Shopper and Customer Development Manager of Orkla.

Directly from the store, you will find yourself in the kitchen

Instead of the classic shop-in-shop, we conceived the display as a kitchen with all products for the production of Christmas sweets. It is dominated by a kitchen with an oven in which Christmas cake is being baked. The customer can conveniently buy spices, jams, toppings, various types of sugars, and baking powders, and other ingredients needed for baking Christmas delicacies in one place. Large shelves on the sides bear the symbolism of the pantry in which these durable foods are stored. Shop-in-shop thus meets all the features that the right POS device should have. It is functional, original, attractive, evokes emotions, and thus supports the shopping impulse.

“At first glance, the accessories of a pallet shop-in-shop, such as a Christmas tree decorated and lit with Christmas lights, genuine decorated gingerbread cookies on a plate that look like someone had just taken them out of the oven, or a dough roller with cutters and a hanging glove. The atmosphere is complemented by the visual of a family baking Christmas sweets,” Lucie Michajlov, Project Manager of Dago, who is the author and implementer, describes the implementation.

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