Becherovka shows the best at the airport

Becherovka from Karlovy Vary has decided to show people from all over the world the best from its portfolio. For this purpose, it uses our shop-in-shop located in a busy place at Prague Airport. Passers-by can even smell some of the herbs from which the well-known alcoholic liqueur is made.

Coca-Cola bet on sustainability in restaurants

Many restaurants in Czech and Slovak will look much better. They will welcome their guests in newly equipped outdoor and indoor spaces we created for Coca-Cola. We placed emphasis on sustainable development and natural materials.

A car drives out of the Heineken pallet island

Flashing lights, illuminated tube, and 3D effects – these are the most distinctive elements of our pallet island for Zlatý Bažant radlers, which are now catching attention in Slovak stores. Among other things, the display has a relatively unusual function of prompt rebranding.

Cola by Birell placed under a rooster

“It would be great to come closer and take a can,” say customers who have already seen our end cap for the new Cola by Birell in Czech stores. And that is all right! This display wants to stimulate curiosity and the desire to discover.

The Cappy end cap allures you for breakfast

What could be better than starting each day with a delicious breakfast, which includes fresh fruit juice on the table? Our new end cap, we made for Cappy drinks, communicates such a message. It attracts passers-by in a store with its classic materials, stylish lighting and real food.

New office launched in Slovakia

In May, we are opening our first branch office in Slovakia. We have been active in Slovakia since 2018, when one project manager has been working there. The number of customers increased since then, so opening a new office proved to be a logical step.

Canon shop-in-shop in Ljubljana

The Canon camera manufacturer sells its products in the Czech Republic as well as in more than two hundred other countries. It operates also in Slovenia looking for a way how to introduce its portfolio of printers and cameras to the public. Therefore, it has implemented a design promo-stall to support the displayed goods directly at the point of sale.

With Big Shock! to Dakar Rally

A competition for a ride in the truck, which participates in the world-famous Dakar Rally, is here! The Limited Edition of the Big Shock! energy drink, for which we have designed an end cap and a pallet island display, refers to this competition.

Two best realizations in POP STAR 2019 competition were ours

We regularly participate with our projects in the competition of the Mí portal for the best in-store realization of the month and we are being successful in it. That is why we are pleased that we have succeeded within the overall assessment for 2019, as our displays won the first and the second positions in the POP STAR competition.

Tullamore D.E.W. gets new bars viewing to Ireland

Customers can find the popular Irish whiskey Tullamore D.E.W. in new bars now. However, we are not talking about a bar in terms of a pub, we are talking about a pallet display we produced and placed into Czech and Slovak retail chains. The distributor of this whiskey, Mast-Jaegermeister, has presented a redesigned visual identity to attract a younger target audience.

We produce an adapter “Nakliku”. It minimizes virus transmission

Door handles are a place where large number of bacteria and harmful substances cumulate. So it is important for people to touch these places as little as possible. In cooperation with Tomas Bata University in Zlin, we have developed a special plastic adapter, thanks to which you can open doors with handles by your forearm. Due to the principle of its use, this invention is called “Nakliku”.

Touch is the second most common method of coronavirus transmission. Vladimir Kovarik, who invented “Nakliku”, also knows this fact. “We thought about how to participate in the current situation. Everyone solved face masks. But none dealt with door handles. At first, we were trying to find any similar solution, but we could not find any similar product. With the help of our colleagues, we produced the first prototype within a few hours,” the author, who manages the Product Design Studio at the University of Zlin, describes the origin of this idea. Subsequently, they asked us to help with the development.

Simple solution

Technically, this is not complicated. “We make the adapter from flexible clear plastic. You can easily attach it to a door handle with a cable tie. When people need to open the door, they do not have to touch the handle with their hands, but just place their forearms on the adapter and push it down with a simple movement. “Nakliku” will be appreciated especially in medical and social facilities and in other places with a large number of people going through,” describes Martin Vorel, who is in charge of the technology of the adapter production and its distribution to the places where needed.
The adapter fits to all types of door handles. “Even a less skilled person can handle its installation. Screwdriver, screws and washers are not necessary. The adapter also meets all safety standards,” assures Vladimir Kovarik from Tomas Bata University.
Testing turned out great!

“Nakliku” has been tested in several hospitals and social facilities. “The material was processed at a high level, the adapter does not crack or deform. For example, in ambulances, visited by many people every day, we take full advantage of the novelty. We perceive the idea as a meaningful contribution to the improvement of hygienic and epidemiological conditions at our internal medicine clinic,” Jakub Kostka, the Doctor, evaluates the pilot installation at the internal medicine clinic of Thomayer Hospital. On the basis of positive references, also its surgical ward showed interest in the adapter, as well as in several hospice pavilions, where we sent another delivery.

The pilot installation in the Retirement Home, Pod Kavci Skalou in Ricany near Praguealso received positive feedback, as the Director of this facility Vaclav Bracha said: “At first, it took a while before our clients trained how to use the adapters. But after a short time, they can use them without any problem. Our employees got used to them quickly. Today, adapters are already an integral part of our preventive measures to avoid possible infections.” Based on the positive feedback concerning the pilot installations, Nakliku is already available for other hospitals, authorities, retirement homes, and other similar organizations.

Accordingly, we will continue to offer it widely to hospitals, offices and retirement homes and other suitable places. In the meantime, we supply adapters free of charge while stock lasts. Then we will provide them for production cost.

Everyone interested in the adapter can contact us here on the web. And if anyone would like to produce “Nakliku” for his own use or for those in need in his area, he can visit this page, where we have made available the production process, including technical drawings.

Your Dago team

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