Vitana farmers´ market in hypermarkets

Prague, May 9th 2016 – The company Vitana, the leader in the soup product category, introduced a new line of soups and decided to support their launch using an attractive display. Customers were attracted to the great products by a realization, thanks to which they could feel as at farmers´ markets. Our company designed and realized an original end cap which was a great success.

“The resulting exposition had a task to promote the concept of farm soups and draw attention to a new product. When submitting the task we provided the contractor with a key visual and demand for a realization that would strongly inspire customers to try the yet unknown product,” describes Šárka Drábková, the Instore Manager of Vitana.

The result is a dominant and original P.O.P. element completing the impression of the great product. The end cap design of a farmer´s stall full of flavours evokes the moment of consumption. To increase the effectiveness and illustrate the atmosphere, there were used also real products customers can meet at farmers´ markets as for example bundles of garlic.

“A simple solution with an emphasis on environmental approach along with a nice exposure of products can convince customers that it is a good and high-quality product which is worth trying. Also thanks to the distinctive medium they do not doubt that buying the product is a good choice,” adds Miroslav Obrátil from our company.

There are 9 small and 5 big installations in Globus hypermarkets attracting customers to buy farmer´s soups. As Šárka Drábková from Vitana said, the display was very successful among customers. And although it is not a permanent display, the company would like to use this concept again in the future. And that is good news for us and especially for customers :o).

Your DAGO team

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