This year we are trying to help again

We realize that if we are successful, we must not be indifferent to the weaker ones and must not forget them. If we can do something for them, then we should take it for granted.
DAGO contributes to a number of charity org…

Store design as a competitive element

Customers are shopping with all their senses. It would be foolish to think that the final decision is being influenced only by the product quality regardless of package, price or for example environment where shoppers are p…

You can see Robot Karel in Albert and Hruška stores

The Kofola campaign with Robot Karel focused on supporting new flavours takes place also in an in-store environment. After Globus stores, now it takes place in Ahold stores and selected Hruška stores. In this display, the c…

Fresh spring ideas from Pinterest

Inspiration from the world of beverages.
These and many other worldwide POP inspirations can be continually found on

MPV: Adoration of digital technologies had faded also at MPV and analogue realizations “lead the dance”

The Paris Trade Fair did not show many technological innovations. Its creativity consisted primarily in original design and material combinations.

The Marketing Point de Vente (MPV) Trade Fair has traditionally “did” with…

Hisense Group presents two new shop-in-shops in the latest Alza showroom

The company, in cooperation with the Dago communication agency, has prepared an interesting project for customers of the Alza showroom in Chrášťany, Prague, which clearly presents white and black goods from the MORA and Hisense brands.

Customers have the opportunity to see Hisense and MORA home appliances and electronics in the sales area.  The whole concept of the shop-in-shop reflects the requirements of the modern market and it is complemented with light parts and real elements, such as flower pots, a wine shop, or kitchen utensils. The whole unit creates a homely atmosphere for the customers and attracts them to view the displayed products.

“In the Chrášťany showroom, which is also strategically connected to Alza’s largest logistics center, we have prepared two large shop-in-shops together with the Dago agency. Customers have the opportunity to see the most interesting of what we offer in stylish interiors before ordering goods through the Alza e-shop. Whether these are the new XXL ovens by MORA with clever functions that complement modern hobs with automatic functions, technologically advanced dishwashers, extractors, or other kitchen appliances of this traditional Czech brand,” says Regina Netolická, Head of Marketing CZ/SK, and she adds: “The second project with the Dago agency is a perfectly matched smart showroom of the innovative technological brand Hisense. In this showroom, visitors can see not only top TVs and soundbars but also other household appliances – refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, smart vacuum cleaners, and more.”

The display is made of several quality materials that can withstand heavy loads. The shop-in-shop design is simple, yet modern, and gives room for the presented goods to attract attention and emphasize its design.

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