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We are busy with work and preparing one exhibition after another. Quality work is a priority for us, but we consider relations between colleagues and a pleasant atmosphere to be equally important. We are all for fun and in between our duties we manage to have a good...

We were there when the rum novelty Ron de Azur originated

For our long-term client STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, we prepared a set of POP media for the launch of a Panamanian rum called Ron de Azur. At first glance, it is clear that the design of POS materials provides customers with much more than just information about the product....


Under the pressure of pandemic changes, our industry is now in Renaissance era.

Originally applied that experience in the industry, five years of work experience, management experience, college education, creative thinking, and enthusiasm for work were the basic parameters for hiring a brand or trade marketing manager into multinational companies. It has a reason. Such a person was able to create and coordinate marketing activities efficiently and quickly, he had a goal move. The more the experience deepened and the results evolved positively, the greater the value for his employer resulting in common loyalty.

I used to have a similar approach when hiring people into our company, but the market has been changing lately. Submitters seek and hire young people without experience for the mentioned positions. Often with an incredible interest in work, an effort to learn, and a completely different approach both to the branch itself and to the creation and coordination of the activities they are in charge of. While the previous manager would receive a clearly assigned task and process it based on experience, the millennial approaches the task differently. He wants to try something new, playful and functional, reflecting even younger and completely different shoppers. He does not copy previous realizations and often does not even get inspired by them. He doesn’t spend as much time at work as seniors, but his results are often very surprising and in many cases incredibly functional and creative – “out of the box”.

Personally, I´m being amazed so far! And I’m looking forward to the current Christmas season, which will be their first major output in the new normal; they will get a chance to showcase their creative and innovative approaches.


However, this year’s end will be in token of other changes in the sales area. We will notice a different approach to work. New material combinations are gradually coming to the fore, such as combinations of temporary and durable materials, forexes (rigid PVC foam board), which are cheap to produce and at the same time easy to install, or Plexiglas materials as well-thought design. Above all, there is cost-effective cardboard, which is intended for short-term displays, but today it is being used thoroughly and creatively from an aesthetic point of view. These materials-combining constructions are great for installation because they are practical and easy to handle due to their weight, while not unnecessarily increasing costs. They can be rebranded or moved from one event to another.

The amazing thing is that not only the materials but also the graphics and ideas have changed under the pressure of a new generation. We can notice, for example, the new Jägermeister display, where the deer head (instead of the hologram from the original older display) is depicted on an imitation of a painting on a canvas standing on an easel. We can see confectionery displays, the sides of which are printed with new technologies so that their ability to evoke taste is even more irresistible. For alcoholic beverages, we come across a display presenting, for example, honey variants of well-known brands, where honey-bearing bees will “fly” around you in the area. These are all ideas that are not so difficult to implement.Under the pressure of pandemic changes and shopping trends, our industry is in the Renaissance era, learning to think new, simple, and to transfer new approaches into realizations by innovations in graphics, design, and construction.

I´m really looking forward to more projects. These are currently waiting for us, for example, in the HORECA segment, where new implementation options are being sought, such as benches using solar power with mobile charging, or beermats with QR codes that link you to download online beer games as winnings on the spot, applications, which reflect recyclability and sustainability. Novelties are also waiting for us on the FMCG market. They won’t be so materially complicated, but they will be “crazy” and “cool”!



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