Fanta drinks are betting on Halloween

Although Halloween is not a typical Czech holiday, it is still a great opportunity for marketers to establish contact with customers in a way they cannot otherwise afford. There are no limits to imagination, and smartly thought-out and amusing POSs can significantly...


The prestigious European competition POPAI Awards Paris knows its winners. The winning projects, selected by an expert jury, were announced on September 15th in Paris.

I’ll have Birell! The popular fruit soft drink attracts to a portion of fruit

Soft drinks represent a very comprehensive product segment. These include classic and flavoured waters, energy drinks, coffee, cola drinks, juices, and, last but not least, non-alcoholic beers, which are sought after mainly in the summer months. They offer a good portion of refreshment even for those who are about to drive a car or even ride a bike.

And the new POS materials made in co-operation with the popular Birell Radler non-alcoholic beers are tempting to quickly slake your thirst. “When preparing the campaign for Birell, we built on what people enjoy most about summer. Juicy refreshment that is full of fruit and great taste, without added preservatives and colourings. Dago fulfilled our vision perfectly, and Birell was unmissable on the market this year,” explains Barbora Karešová, the Activation Manager from Plzeňské Prazdroj.

For the presentation of these non-alcoholic beers, Dago created a total of 10 shop-in-shops you can see in Albert chains and 40 single-pallet displays you can see in Tesco and Albert stores. The activations are complemented by the slogans “Afford juicy refreshment” and “I’ll have Birell”.

Everything, including the 3D can adorning these activations, was made from FSC-certified cardboard, supporting environmentally friendly, socially beneficial, and economically viable forest management.

 A fruity boost

“When creating the POS materials, we bet on a creative and playful design, which at first glance attracts a good dose of fruity refreshment and juiciness,” says Luboš Plačko, the Project Manager from Dago. And thanks to the distinctive colours, shop-in-shops and single-pallet displays on sales areas attracted the attention of consumers. The cardboard display is dominated by pieces of fruit and water elements, which are a synonym for summer well-being and motivate customers to buy the drink and consume it immediately.

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