A snowy Christmas with Pilsner beer? The ideal combination

An unusual shopping experience you don't often get to experience. The Christmas display for Plzeňský Prazdroj, however, did just that thanks to a unique combination of the Pilsner Urquell tradition and unusual technology. It can be seen in stores in the Czech Republic...

Take a peek behind the scenes at DAGO and have fun with us

We are busy with work and preparing one exhibition after another. Quality work is a priority for us, but we consider relations between colleagues and a pleasant atmosphere to be equally important. We are all for fun and in between our duties we manage to have a good...

We were there when the rum novelty Ron de Azur originated

For our long-term client STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, we prepared a set of POP media for the launch of a Panamanian rum called Ron de Azur. At first glance, it is clear that the design of POS materials provides customers with much more than just information about the product....

Smart display can mix drinks

Mixed drinks and spirits belong to each other. So why don´t we offer recipes how to prepare the right cocktail to our customers directly in a store? Thanks to the new “drink-mixing” display, we have implemented for the company Brown-Forman Czechia, you can just choose a cocktail according to your own taste preferences, print out the recipe and take the right ingredients out of the shelf.

Not only cocktail lovers will appreciate the new “drink-mixing” display, which will advise shoppers in Prague-Letnany Tesco what alcohol, juice, fruit or syrup they need to mix to prepare their favourite drink directly at home. “From the last year´s consumer survey, we have found out that we do not want to sell just an alcohol brand to our customers. We always want to show them the opportunity how to consume goods they bought. And our new advertising display meets all this – actually, it allows each shopper to become a barman for a while,”Tomas Ptacek, Category & Trade Marketing Manager of the company Brown-Forman Czechia, describes the main goal of the P.O.P. medium.

Our company is behind the idea and implementation of the whole display. We have designed, simply and originally, the system of interactivity of the whole application using the gamification of modern technologies. This innovative P.O.P. application offers customers an attractive added value, possibility to get inspired and have fun when shopping, it educates about new possibilities of a traditional product consumption.

Triple experience: shopping, mixing and drinking cocktails

So, how the “drink-mixing” display works? The touch display guides a customer to a drink he will like based on his preferences and shows a concrete recipe. He can print it out using the built-in printer just at the spot or send it to his e-mail. He can also find all the necessary ingredients right in the shelf. “So, customers don´t need to do any extra steps. They can see everything well-arranged on the built-in tablet display with the goods just at hand,” Veronika Dostalova, Senior Project Manager of our company, describes the added value of the advertising display.

The whole application is an example of an in-store communication activity where the experience associated with product consumption is also very important. At the top of the communication, there is the touch screen display guiding customers to drinks they like using simple questions. The initial experience then rises right at the point of sales thanks to an inspiration by original interaction, or atmosphere stimulation towards a new possibility of offered products consumption. The secondary experience then brings the pleasure of the actual preparation and subsequent consumption of bought ingredients.

The display represents a modern shopper-marketing approach, offers plenty of consumption variants and what´s more, it is also easily adapt it for any brand. “We can just change stickers and reprogram the software in the tablet. Thus we can adapt the advertising display very easily for many other events,” concludes Veronika Dostalova.

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