With Big Shock! to Dakar Rally

A competition for a ride in the truck, which participates in the world-famous Dakar Rally, is here! The Limited Edition of the Big Shock! energy drink, for which we have designed an end cap and a pallet island display, refers to this competition.

The display, we created for the producer of this energy drink, the company Al-Namura represented by Trade & Category Manager David Tlach, was made entirely of a low-cost cardboard. At first glance, it attracts every shopper especially with a real can and colour design. The can, which was also completely made of cardboard, ensures increased visibility and overall awareness of the Big Shock! as a brand.

Communication of key visuals works best at the top of the display, where customers get also detailed information about the competition. They explain the mechanics of competition and serve as a call-to-action element that encourages customers to purchase goods.

An integral part of the end cap is complemented by the visual of the Iveco truck and motorbike together with riders of these racing specials. For this display, we decided to use the colour elements that most evoke the environment of the world-famous race. Both displays were placed in Tesco and Globus chains during January and February.

Your Dago Team

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