Albert guides customers through the world of wines

Wine ranks among the most popular alcoholic beverages of Czechs. In the Albert stores, they are therefore expanding the assortment of the private brand Sommelier collection and presenting it to customers in a new display.

Nomination in POPAI Awards Paris for Nestlé’s Home Café

In this year's POPAI Awards Paris 2022, our project for the Starbucks and Nescafé Dolce Gusto brands was nominated in the category of permanent POS - food and beverage. The display won the Food category in the Czech POPAI Awards 2021. We created a shop in shop called...

Top Class Shop in Shop Becherovka

Our new shop-in-shops for Becherovka increase sales at the Prague Airport in six Aelia Duty Free shops
Shoppers in duty free shops Aelia at the Václav Havel Airport have the chance to get something typical Czech at the last minute. With the new P.O.P. installations designed, produced and installed by our company, bottles of Carlsbad Becherovka represent such a product more often. Just the shop-in-shops that have been put into service attract passers-by to visit a shop and stimulate their willingness to buy the unique Czech liqueur through their image appearance and attractive visual merchandising.

“We wanted to offer more significant buying experience to airport visitors and also support sales of our liqueurs and complementary products,” Marek Grabovský, the Calsbad Becherovka Brand Manager, explains the intention of the new installation.

The most successful shop has achieved 103% increase of selling JBKB products.

“The products themselves have become the key elements of the whole installation. It is also easy to manipulate with bottles of liqueurs and they are also clearly sorted according to particular kinds in all six selected Aelia shops,” says Michal Sůlovec, our Project Manager.

The superior visual merchandising brought its results. In the shop by the departure gate D, sales increased by 103 % after installing the shop-in-shop. “The overall increase in all six shops is approximately 38 %,” specifies Jindřich Černý from the company Aelia.

But this time, creative and shopper centric concept was not the only challenge for us, there was also the installation itself. At the airport, there must be followed strict safety conditions. “Therefore, we performed the installation within an extremely short time with a team of about 30 people. We have realised the largest installation in a large shop in three days and during the following three day, we managed to equip the remaining five shops. Everything was time-consuming, because we had to carry most of the material manually over long distances,” Michal Sůlovec from the company DAGO recalls the conditions.

Shop-in-shops capture an attention already from the outside, while attracting to traditional elements associated with Becherovka.

The result is a comprehensive P.O.P. application, which can attract passers-by from the outside already. It attracts customers to a shop mainly by its visual attractiveness by using conspicuous and contrasting colour combination, spotlighted media and shelves, 360° visibility or special spot on LCD monitors.

“The whole installation has a premium appearance and so it communicates well and supports the company´s brand. At the same time it looks traditional and highlights the known elements associated with Becherovka – herbs, spices, unique bottle shape and history of this liqueur,” Marek Grabovský from Calsbad Becherovka concludes our story.

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