Big Shock bet on a creative offer of the complete assortment

For the first time, the Big Shock brand displayed its complete range in one place, as part of a new permanent display at the Globus store in Prague - Čakovice. The creative end cap is the collective work of Al-Namura and our agency. According to available data, after...

Five gold medals from POPAI Awards

This year we can again enjoy our success at the POPAI Awards competition, where we succeeded with five realizations. The display with the Oral B toothbrush was selected as an excellent realization.

Natura water flows through Globus stores

A new pallet island for Coca-Cola HBC should acquaint shoppers with Natura bottled water and point out rebranding. It fits into a broad campaign with a similar goal. It shows the purity of the water from Adršpach with the help of water bubbling between rocks and real, live conifer in the middle.

The crisis helps us to transform

It seems that the subject matter of the current crisis will not leave us soon. We hear about it from all sides, and instead of focusing mainly on work, we constantly think about what will happen. In Dago, we decided to approach this crisis positively and proactively....

Parrot and hologram! JOJO presents itself with colourful displays

These days, JOJO confectionery hardly escapes the attention of most shoppers. For its promotion, we have produced two types of pallet displays you could currently see in selected stores. The first one presents the brand using a hologram; the second one has a plush parrot that lures shoppers.

Becherovka shows the best at the airport

Becherovka from Karlovy Vary has decided to show people from all over the world the best from its portfolio. For this purpose, it uses our shop-in-shop located in a busy place at Prague Airport. Passers-by can even smell some of the herbs from which the well-known alcoholic liqueur is made.

Coca-Cola bet on sustainability in restaurants

Many restaurants in Czech and Slovak will look much better. They will welcome their guests in newly equipped outdoor and indoor spaces we created for Coca-Cola. We placed emphasis on sustainable development and natural materials.

A car drives out of the Heineken pallet island

Flashing lights, illuminated tube, and 3D effects – these are the most distinctive elements of our pallet island for Zlatý Bažant radlers, which are now catching attention in Slovak stores. Among other things, the display has a relatively unusual function of prompt rebranding.

Cola by Birell placed under a rooster

“It would be great to come closer and take a can,” say customers who have already seen our end cap for the new Cola by Birell in Czech stores. And that is all right! This display wants to stimulate curiosity and the desire to discover.

The Cappy end cap allures you for breakfast

What could be better than starting each day with a delicious breakfast, which includes fresh fruit juice on the table? Our new end cap, we made for Cappy drinks, communicates such a message. It attracts passers-by in a store with its classic materials, stylish lighting and real food.

POP Jacobs – promo cups

This month, our company has designed, produced and implemented for our client KRAFT FOODS, s.r.o. a set of integrated POP media in order to support consumer promo contest “Cups, which draw people closer” ( happening from the 1st of July to the 31st of August 2012.

The promo action is taking place at selected retail chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is being communicated through mass media as well as directly on point of purchase. The project is one of the examples of how to use synergy to the utmost from connection of above line and below line activities. Together with the client, our DAGO team has suggested, developed, subsequently produced and in shops installed a set of POP devices, which are aimed at presentation of competition prizes, unique cups with Jacobs logo, right at the place of sale with the goal to motivate customers to participate in the contest, as the case may be to buy coffee of the trademark Jacobs. High attraction rate for the customers is boosted first of all by physical presence of real cups on all implemented POP media. There have been implemented three types of POP communication devices: Shelfstoper – practical and effective POP medium, which marks the place in a shelf that is possible to find very easily in connection with other ongoing communication so you can buy afterwards the promoted product. The real cup has been applied into 3D shelfstoper so as to get a clear idea about the contest´s prize.

3D Pallet Corner – action POP medium, presenting the contest itself; in upper part there is a little showcase with a display of all types of cups (three pairs) including nameplates of the well-known artists, who designed the cups. You set the corner as a part of the complex decoration on the edge of the pallet stand; it has been devised in the way that it should allow free passage around the palette and off take of goods, but at the same time it would actively agitate customers against shopping routine and raise their interest by communication of impulses connected with benefits of the consumer contest.

The Floor Presentation Stand is the last but not least of the POP units, which also communicates the principle of the contest including display of real cups and it has been placed on the spot, where the winners can get their deserved prize: in particular bookstores and electrical supplies.

DAGO Company Team


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