Imperial Tobacco illuminating displays

Actually we came up with an elegant and simple solution how to attract potential customers of the Imperial Tobacco brand immediately when entering the store. For our client, we designed, produced and installed new lighting displays with a possibility of simple re-branding and changes of lighting effects.

Visitors may see the new P.O.P. application in Travel Free stores in Strážné, Bohemian Forest. The main selling article of these stores are not individual boxes, but whole cartons of cigarettes.

Playing with colours by few clicks on a controller

„The goal was to attract customers at first sight and we put emphasis on creating atmosphere and original, premium and arranged image,” explains Alena Šlechtová, Project Manager of DAGO.

New cigarette displays take into account the rules of customer decision-making process and practicality. They offer a wide possibility for a change and attract customers from afar thanks to significant LED lighting. A major positive aspect of the whole application is a simple re-branding of displays that can be achieved also by using RGB LED effect. „By using remote control, it is possible simply to select a colour of each lighting effect or set a time loop with periodically changing colours,” Mrs. Šlechtová explains the principle.

„By this installation, we want to offer to foreign tourists in our country a high standard of buying our products. Visibility, orderliness and clarity in a store is the key factor when choosing from the offered assortment,” said Robert Bieda, Trade Marketing Manager of Imperial Tobacco, based on his experience.

Your Dago Team


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