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Naše společnost rozšířila v letošním srpnu spolupráci s organizacemi se statutem chráněná dílna. V kontextu našeho etického kodexu se snažíme pomoci handicapovaným občanům se níženou pracovní schopností, tedy těm, kteří maj…

KOLONÁDA – mobile selling handcart


For our client Kraft Foods, we have designed and produced specific presentation unit KOLONADA – a mobile selling handcart in retro style evoking time, when production…

POP Jacobs – promo cups


This month, our company has designed, produced and implemented for our client KRAFT FOODS, s.r.o. a set of integrated POP media in order to support consumer promo con…

Huawei POP Demo Unit – Play Table

Huawei Company has decided to cooperate with our Company in order to boost in-store presentation of its products in the demo shop of internet retailer Alza. For this purpose, we have designed, produced and implemented POP a…

Unique palette exposition for Budvar

For our customer Budějovický Budvar, n.p., we have created a non-traditional sales units for secondary exposition of promoted group packages of Budvar beer. In addition to a design and production done in a record time, we h…

Shop in shop Nikon – Alza


New project – Nikon Shop-in-shop in Alza Our company DAGO introduces a new realisation of a sophisticated NIKON shop-in-shop, which we have produced and installed in…

Sales promo in hobby markets

There is no doubt that POS can be adapted also to products out of the traditional FMCG – after all, we see the support for telco, automotive or financial services. But how to present attractively drills, saws, grinders and…

New corporate strategy


At the conference of our company, we have presented the new corporate strategy for the 5 following years. Its basis is especially increasing the corporate know-how in…


The company Dago is currently coming with many innovations that enhance existing range of products, so we can offer to our clients a much wider application of their ideas and opportunities, what types of POP material place…

Electrotechnical innovations


We have launched functional and affordable electro-technical and electronic parts, which can be integrated into traditional POP means, into the market.

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Gardening, on your marks! Evaluation for Marketing & Media

The main sales support for the horticultural assortment is starting right now. The POS implementation gallery shows what works. Selected foreign displays for the Marketing & Media magazine were evaluated by our PR coordinator Radka Hejduková.

We are a nation of gardeners, so my generation still is, and our parents are definitely. We are the ideal target group for all hobby markets, garden centres, and florists. Since April, shopping – or perhaps trips – in garden centres has been a real enjoyment. Starting with the crowded parking lot, through the crowds at the vegetable seedlings, and pushing through the best annual flowers, to the queues at the cash desks. I wonder where the desire, the ambition to grow own plants, comes from. Apparently it’s been in us since ancient times. And then the effort ends with a surplus of zucchini that everyone offers to everyone and no one wants them.

But, of course, the field of horticultural supplies are commodities like any others, and its specificity of strong sales in the spring and summer is something that traders, and especially marketers, must take into account. The “word of mouth” definitely works for garden centres, and for garden tool manufacturers themselves, the subsequent presentation in the store is crucial. So the display has to be so engaging that you think you really have to buy the secateurs and that your existing hoe isn’t worth it anymore.

Another key to success is clarity and navigation – no one wants to spend ten minutes in a store just looking for a brush-cutter. And the staff, it´s Alpha and Omega. You can plan to buy just some small, ordinary mower, and you can leave with the most modern battery mower. In addition to this sales and marketing base, stores can go further, their potential is huge; people spent time in gardens and on balconies instead of on holidays during Covid. As a nation, we spend 30 billion crowns a year in hobby markets. Of course, it’s not just for gardening supplies and all the things for gardens, but still. I would not be afraid to use the pop-up store concept at all, it would be ideal for a spring “raid” of customers longing exclusively for seedlings, for example. Offer a sitting area with coffee and snacks so that “exhausted” customers can relax and gain energy, and think about what else to buy. By the way, do you have everything for the season?

  1. Gardena campaign and shop-in-shop

We appreciate how Gardena has creatively approached in-store promotion of her products. That’s exactly it; don’t be afraid to step out of the expected performance and show customers around the jungle of gardening supplies and aids with fun and amusement. Make a display out of a palm tree or expedition jeep.

  1. Moss and Moor visual identity

I also highly value the concept of Moss and Moor’s store and visual identity, which ambitiously fulfils its claim to be more than a garden centre. Spaciousness, airiness, clarity of arrangement, and relax zone with a café; you can´t even imagine meeting any nervous or hurried shoppers here.

  1. Displays for Kent & Stowe

Not only offering different types of gardening tools, but also explaining why to choose this or that, and how to work with it, this is my third favourite, Kent & Stove. Handy displays and shelving systems that have a common factor – clarity, and ease of choice for purchasing.

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