Big Shock bet on a creative offer of the complete assortment

For the first time, the Big Shock brand displayed its complete range in one place, as part of a new permanent display at the Globus store in Prague - Čakovice. The creative end cap is the collective work of Al-Namura and our agency. According to available data, after...

Five gold medals from POPAI Awards

This year we can again enjoy our success at the POPAI Awards competition, where we succeeded with five realizations. The display with the Oral B toothbrush was selected as an excellent realization.

Natura water flows through Globus stores

A new pallet island for Coca-Cola HBC should acquaint shoppers with Natura bottled water and point out rebranding. It fits into a broad campaign with a similar goal. It shows the purity of the water from Adršpach with the help of water bubbling between rocks and real, live conifer in the middle.

The crisis helps us to transform

It seems that the subject matter of the current crisis will not leave us soon. We hear about it from all sides, and instead of focusing mainly on work, we constantly think about what will happen. In Dago, we decided to approach this crisis positively and proactively....

Parrot and hologram! JOJO presents itself with colourful displays

These days, JOJO confectionery hardly escapes the attention of most shoppers. For its promotion, we have produced two types of pallet displays you could currently see in selected stores. The first one presents the brand using a hologram; the second one has a plush parrot that lures shoppers.

Becherovka shows the best at the airport

Becherovka from Karlovy Vary has decided to show people from all over the world the best from its portfolio. For this purpose, it uses our shop-in-shop located in a busy place at Prague Airport. Passers-by can even smell some of the herbs from which the well-known alcoholic liqueur is made.

Coca-Cola bet on sustainability in restaurants

Many restaurants in Czech and Slovak will look much better. They will welcome their guests in newly equipped outdoor and indoor spaces we created for Coca-Cola. We placed emphasis on sustainable development and natural materials.

A car drives out of the Heineken pallet island

Flashing lights, illuminated tube, and 3D effects – these are the most distinctive elements of our pallet island for Zlatý Bažant radlers, which are now catching attention in Slovak stores. Among other things, the display has a relatively unusual function of prompt rebranding.

Cola by Birell placed under a rooster

“It would be great to come closer and take a can,” say customers who have already seen our end cap for the new Cola by Birell in Czech stores. And that is all right! This display wants to stimulate curiosity and the desire to discover.

The Cappy end cap allures you for breakfast

What could be better than starting each day with a delicious breakfast, which includes fresh fruit juice on the table? Our new end cap, we made for Cappy drinks, communicates such a message. It attracts passers-by in a store with its classic materials, stylish lighting and real food.

Demo walls for mobile phones in Electroworld

Our lighting walls for mobile phones remind a child´s puzzle. With several clicks on a controller, it is possible to change their colour and it is also easy to change a brand logo. Entire transformation of an actual mobile-phone´s offer in a store is much faster than before. Thanks to them, customers can notice top products from a mobile-phone´s offer from afar.

Our company, already for the second time, embarked on a comprehensive solution of a product category in stores with electronics, and in a co-operation with Electroworld, we have designed, produced and installed sales lighting walls for mobile phones.

Electroworld´s customers could see an interesting POP solution already in Čestlice, but installation is now being done in other twenty stores throughout the Czech Republic.

Clarity, simplicity and the possibility of rapid changes

What is so special on these lighting walls? First, it is the clarity and simplicity providing customers with a clear view of a mobile-phone´s assortment by a concrete brand and maximally supporting their orientation within a various assortment of mobile phones. This also follows the overall strategy of the concept of Electroworld´s sales space. Secondly, the panels feature a flexible manipulation. Electroworld employees can easily change their appearance using a remote controller.

So with several clicks, it is possible to set a colour of the panel and an electronic 3D logo of a given brand easily. „If an exhibition area is not big enough due to a store offer change, you can simply attach another part of the wall. The entire installation works on the flexible puzzle principle similar to Lego,” Marek Končitík, Sales and Marketing Director of our Company, highlights the advantages of the lighting walls.

The best products of exhibited brands remain highlighted

Installation also does not restrict customers anyhow as they can try out different mobiles and “touch” them as they are commonly used to. Active interaction with real functional products increases the possibility of buying them. The third advantage, aiming at sales promotion of given brands´ products, is highlighting the best products of a given producer in action lighted boxes. „We consult the selection of top products with producers. Most often these are the latest phones in our offer,” says Michal Navrátil, Manager of the Telecommunication Division of Electroworld. For our customers, this approach facilitates their orientation and decision making process.

With their complexity, the lighting walls for mobile phones build on an experience with the previous successful POP application of our company. For example, the last year´s solution for photo-video category in the same stores, or the international project of promo tables for Canon cameras, for which we won the main award in the promo-display´s category at last year´s POPAI Awards.

Your Dago team


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