On Thursday, November 25th, the results of the POPAI Awards competition were announced, in which the best in-store communication projects at the point of sale on the domestic and foreign markets are being awarded. This year, we succeeded again and won a total of six awards.

Big Shock! brings the music experience directly to stores

Traditional summer limited edition of Big Shock! energy drinks. “MUSIC”, which represents the playfulness of musical experiences and summer festivals, now draws attention to itself in stores through a unique exhibition in the shape of headphones, which we created in...

The JOJO realization won the POP STAR Award of February 2021

The Mistoprodeje.cz portal announces a new winner of the POP STAR competition. The winner for February was the realization of JoJo. This month, 10 In-store realizations entered the competition, and the jury evaluated them again according to three following criteria:...

Properly chosen POS as sales promotion works

Successful POS is based on the knowledge of the client/submitter and the brand. Followed by setting a goal, creating a POS solution strategy, controlling the purchasing process, finding functional elements for sales, finding benefits, differences, etc. The preparation...

DEMO unit Philips beauty

For the company Philips, we have just completed realization of the project of permanent demo units for sales promotion, on which there are displayed real products appropriately secured for potential customers to manipulate with them comfortably. We may meet these POP media in selected premises of retail chains of TESCO and Euronics.

The aim of this project is to present and promote sales of the PHILIPS beauty product line – i.e. shavers, beards trimmers, hair trimmers, epilators, curlers, hair irons and hair dryers. Permanent sales units are illuminated by LED and they are produced from a high gloss wood, which helps to achieve the impression of being premium and high quality. Specific elliptical shape with under-illuminated edges causes highlighting and dominance of the whole exhibition in the store environment and thus increases the chance to be noticed by customers. The ability of conversion to a purchase is supported by the possibility to touch products or manipulate with them, but also to really try them. Customers can also get inspired by news, learn about benefits of presented products and differences compared to the competition.

Attractive POP media provides not just an attractive exhibition but mainly communicates connection of design and quality of PHILIPS consumer electronics with their functionality and utility. This has a direct influence on sales as well as perception of the brand as such.

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